CINQ À SEPT FRIDAY | Real Life Scenarios = Real Life Advice


Hello Neighbors and Friends,

Welcome to another episode on Cinq à Sept Friday. This week we would like to thank our sponsor, Pearmund Cellars Wines, who provided us with two of their award winning wines. A Petite Manseng and Ameritage. Their Petite Manseng, offers pineapple, lychee,  and candied citrus peel, with hints of jasmine and orange blossom on the nose,  followed by flavors of lightly grilled pineapple,  kiwi,  and lychee on the palate.  This crisp wine is refreshing with a beautiful long finish. Pairs well with brie, stilton with cranberries, goat cheese, seafood, thai and curry dishes, fish tacos, and sushi. The Ameritage, is a delicious blend s mooth, rich and superbly balanced, our Bordeaux-style wine was the first blend on the East Coast to use the five classic Bordeaux grape varietals: 38% Cab Sauv, 24% Merlot, 17% Petit Verdot, 14% Cab Franc and 7% Malbec. Its aging for 14 months in American oak provide just the right balance of fruit and tannins. You cannot go wrong with either. Head over to their website and try a few bottles.

This week we are beginning a new series titled, Life Scenarios. Each episode we will give you a new scenario/hypothetical on what could possibly happen and how we would handle it. Now let's be honest. We're going to give you the PC version, but it wouldn't me if I didn't give you the girlfriend truth. So take a look and we'll be back soon for another episode of Cinq à Sept Friday.


Your Girlfriend Next Door Miami Vlog


Hello Friends,

This week I'm in one of my favorite American cities, Miami Florida. Thanks to the hubby for an extended birthday surprise. He surprised me with a 90s R&B concert that featured one my favorite artist, Jon B. Take a look at the journey we shared, from music, dancing, and of course great eats. One of the highlights of the trip was the golden woolly mammoth by, Damien Hirst's 'Gone but not Forgotten' (2014) – the gilded skeleton of a three-meter tall woolly mammoth – is currently on display in the garden of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Take a look at our quick little journey through one of favorite cities in the sunshine state.

Journey with me...

Andrea, Your Girlfriend Next Door®

Cinq à Sept Friday | Virgo Alter Ego Cocktail


Hello Neighbors and Friends,

It's Virgo Season! Your two favorite Virgos have returned for fun, laughter, and of course a great cocktail that will get us the the happiest hours. So stay tuned and join the journey with us. If you're looking for a delicious cocktail to celebrate the season, look no further. The Alter Ego Cocktail, brings your happy side alive. It's delicious, tangy, and unique. The combination of flavors will tantalize your taste buds, and bring your good girl/boy or bad girl/boy come alive.

Alter Ego Cocktail:
2oz. Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey (Bourbon of your choice)
2oz. Raspberry Puree
3oz. Maple Ginger Simple Syrup Juice of 1large lemon
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper (Use frozen Raspberries; Strain for a smoother texture.
(Use cheesecloth if available )
We used a Vitamix to mix all ingredients together. You may want to

Friendships Shouldn't Be One Sided | How to Find Balance


Hey Neighbor,

This week I am so happy to announce my first friendship advice video (GFND Advice). To be honest I was so nervous. This was my first video in a while a it's also a new concept to the blog. I hope you guys like it. It's my hope to tackle friendship topics we all deal with from time to time. I will discuss friendship, love, relationships, and much more. 

I would like to thank Sarah D. for being my very first question. Sarah, girl I was so nervous, but I hope I was able to give you the best advice possible.  Remember you set the tone for how others treat you. I look Forward to hearing from you.

Topic: In friendship, give and take is sometimes a difficult concept to maintain. The balance of who is doing "more" for the friendship will go back and forth, and over time it should be a fairly equal thing. 

Please contact me with any questions I can help you with. You can contact me through the contact link above. 

Thank you guys for joining me on this journey. We will make it through together. You are all my lifeship partners, and I love you to pieces. 

Your Girlfriend Next Door,


Your Girlfriend Next Door Is Back...


Hi Friends,

I've been away far too long and I'm proud to say I'm back with a new look and new vision. Things are going well and I'm working on new projects to keep our days fun, fresh, and exciting. As you can see some of the categories have changed but the mission is still the same. I'm here to listen, laugh, and have fun all in the name of friendship. I'm excited to meet new friends and say hello to those I've missed. Let's continue this journey together.

In honor of friendship,

Andrea, Your Girlfriend Next Door®