Andrea Smoak created Your Girlfriend Next Door as a lifestyle guide to connect with girlfriends around the world. It is a place for women to unite, get inspired, and share wisdom. Rather she's a stay at home mom, single professional, or a Mrs., Oh, and let's not forget the Misters here and there. We all need a "Girlfriend Next Door" with an open ear, lots of laughs, and a tear drop here or there all in the name of life, love, and life's journey.

"The most important things in life are not physical but rather our connections.  The connections we receive from those we share a common interest with, those who lend us great advice, and simply those individuals who take the time to care about our most minimal disputes, dilemmas, or complications."

-- Your Girlfriend Next Door, Andrea Smoak

Your Girlfriend Next Door welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and has had the pleasure of working with several brands in many different capacities. For your opportunity to align your brand with Your Girlfriend Next Door, please follow this link to the contact page.