When your journey takes you past Gratitude

When your journey takes you past Gratitude

In this picture I decided to let go, live, share my journey, and see past my simple gratification. I had little help from one of my favorite and best #lifeship partners in. I'm so happy he was open to trying this. It wasn't easy convincing him but the laughter was #priceless.   The Photo was taken in the beautiful Puerto Rico!



In life many of us are told to be grateful for the small things, live life to the fullest, and see the glass half full. Well, for me this was a challenge. I constantly battled the highs and lows of life and never seeing things through. Life simply felt like a challenge I didn't receive the book for in third grade! I really had to see my life's journey past gratitude. What do I mean by that. Well for me there is so much around me to be grateful for, however I never understood my gratitude. It was simply lackluster, if I had to describe it.

My journey has taking me so many places and introduced me to some outstanding people; But what did I do with all that I possess. Nothing... I finally had to realize that there is too much here and I must find a way to give back. Beyond my numerous hours of volunteering, I needed to touch individuals personally. So I decided to release my journey and share with others, in hopes to touch someone to allow them to live a life of love, joy, peace, and happiness.   

My gratitude in life is past my journey- I hope to give others a chance to think out of the box, leave their comfort zone, and explore life to the fullest. 

-Andrea (Color and love is all around us)