#Lifeship™ Beginnings

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In Life A Person Is Lucky To Have One True Best Friend. Someone Who No Matter What Will Give You Unconditional Love And Support And An Occasional Kick In The Ass. These Lifeship™ Partners Help Mold Us Early In Life. This Is Where We Begin To Tell Our First Secrets, Share For The First Time, And Gain Trust & Understanding.
Our First Friends Are Very Special People In Our Life. They Become The First People You Think About When You Make Plans. They Are The First People You Go To When You Need Someone To Talk To. When You’re Sad They Will Try Their Hardest To Cheer You Up. They Give The Best Hugs In The World! They Are The Shoulder To Cry On, Because You Know That They Truly Care About You. There The First Person We Had Stick Up For Us In A Time Of Need. They Become Our Foundation To Friendships To Come...

Oprah.com Describes Best-Friendships
Most Of Us Lump Best-Friendship In With Love, One Of Those You-Know-It-When-You-Feel-It Intangibles. It Turns Out That While We May Think Best Friends Are People With That Ineffable Something We Can't Put Our Finger On, Researchers Have Pretty Accurately Defined The Traits That Propel Someone From Acquaintance To Friend To BFF. In Order For Her To Move From Girl-Date To Friend, We Need Intimacy. Not Intimacy In The Turn-The-Lights-Down-Low Sense. Friendship Intimacy Starts With Self-Disclosure—Sharing Personal Information You Wouldn't Tell Just Anyone—And Reciprocity, Meaning If I Tell Her My Secret, She Better Tell Me Hers. But It's Not Just About Disclosure. The Rules Of Intimacy Call For Whoever Is On The Receiving End To Be Supportive And Expressive, Yet Not Too Opinionated. So If I'm Enraged That My Husband Canceled Our Friday Night Plans...Again...She Better Huff And Puff And Agree It Was Obnoxious, But She Would Never Say: "He's Such A Jerk. I've Never Liked Him." Such Are The Unwritten Laws Of Friendship. 

In Order To Move From Regular Friend To A Best One, I Will Need Über-Intimacy But Also What Researchers Call Social Identity Support. That Is To Say, My BFF Is Someone Who Will Reaffirm My Social Role In Society—As A Wife, A Writer, A Pop-Culturist—And Thereby Boost My Self-Esteem. Sounds A Bit Self-Indulgent, Sure, But It's Scientifically Proven

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