I Feel The Most Beautiful When...

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As the end of the year approaches, I start to self evaluate how I feel and what I've accomplished. Time is so precious. I think about being a little girl with a single mom who did her very best to provide a life of comfort and love. I try every day to impart what she's given me to others. 
As I start to age, along with others around me, I began to wonder "When have I felt the most beautiful" I began to ponder this question.
I really want to acknowledge my truth... So here it is. There are moments in my life that I've felt spiritually and physically beautiful, however one of the most beautiful moments I can remember is sitting in a room full of women I've never met and speaking about knowing yourself and what you have to offer to the world by being aligned with your purpose.  As I began to speak it felt so natural and by the end of the session I knew everyone in the room by name. I felt beautiful, it was like the heavens opened up and placed me there for a purpose. I truly felt like an angel.  Being able to reach others and helping them reach their goals in life allows me to witness beautiful flowers blossom. I have met and worked with some amazing women in my life, and its not what I give to them, its what I receive in return that is priceless. I'm just a simple girl who has a mission in her heart to help others. 

I recently found a Huffington Post article that asked this same question. Here's an insert that I thought was so beautiful and touching. (The question was posed to group of women in a small house in a Mumbai slum) 

I ask them, "What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?"

The women look at me with scorn, frustration. They had started to feel that I might understand something about them, but not now. "We can never feel beautiful," one says. "Our lives are too miserable. They are too difficult. We fight just to make it to the end of each day."

I don't buy it. There must be some times when you feel beautiful, I say, even in the midst of difficult times, difficult days.

No, no, no. Absolutely no beautiful here.

We sit in silence. The women look at one another. Finally, Mushaq-Bi, the one with a chestnut-colored chiffon dupatta draped over her head and smiling eyes that defy her lined face, leans forward.

"I will tell you when," she says, almost in a whisper.

"You see, I am a gardener for HP. I have a small patch that is my responsibility, and each season I slog and slog. And then, one day, the flowers there begin to bloom. They come right out of the ground and open up their beauty. And seeing it makes me feel beautiful."

Aaah, the women nod and smile.

She has not finished. Her face becomes more animated. "Last year, there was a competition at the company. The best gardener was given a prize. I worked even harder on my small patch of ground. I was so surprised when I found out that I was the one selected. I was given a certificate. Now, whenever I think of that certificate and the flowers I have grown, I feel beautiful." This Article was written by- Jacqueline Novogratz Founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, Author of 'The Blue Sweater' 
To read the full article please Click Here.

So now ask yourself. "I feel the most beautiful when?"

Why I chose the above photo? I feel beautiful at my simplest. There's something about when I role my hair, I feel so girly and feminine. These are the moments I live for. I think its the inner kid that lives inside of me that likes to have her moments to shine. I hope everyone never loose sight of moments like this!

Live your life in color!