Pray For Purpose

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The Best Advice I received in 2013 "Pray For Purpose"

We have a few days left in this year and it wasn't until a few days ago, that I met a young woman who really rang a bell for the closure of 2013. As I stated before Life is a journey for me. I love learning and relating.  At the forefront of our conversation she began to share with me how she had this great job, but felt unfulfilled daily, great money, but knew that there was somewhere else she was needed. She asked if we could sit and chat for a while, and the "girlfriend" that I am, I always have an open ear. As we began to walk towards our chairs, she explained to me how she, "Prayed For Her Purpose."   I thought WOW! That's excellent! I even repeated, "That's a Tweetable" in my Oprah voice.  She went even further, and explained how, when she allowed herself to open up to the universe, everything started to happen. Her business idea was birthed, and now it was time to put it into action. 
Her idea was not only great, it was fantastic. My first professional reaction was to advise her to protect it, (Patent and Trademark). We focused a little on that, but mostly how she had connected to what she was sure is her life's passion, mission, and goal.  I went on to explain to her, you have discovered your Life Brand. It's such a beautiful thing to witness when others see what they were designed to do. The ideas began to trickle out of her pores, and I was right there to support.
I realize in life my mission, passion, and goal is to inspire. It's natural for me. I'm placed here to help others see there full potential and hopefully give them the road map to get there. I have made this my life's mission. I too had to step out on faith, and out of my comfort zone to make this happen.
So many times we can have self doubt, anxiety, and fear. I would ask,
"What will people say?"
"Who will listen?"
"Am I perfect enough?"
"Will people understand my mission?"
"How will I explain, Lifeships and how they are the roadmap to your Life's Brand"
I felt overwhelmed, and almost gave up. I saw others around me who took a chance, so I decided to give myself 365 days to believe in myself try hard and see where I would land. I really didn't have a plan other than to reach individuals who wanted to discover more than the grain of salt that was placed in front of them, and ultimately reach a fulfilling life, that carried out their mission, passion and legacy. 
This reminded me of a recent tweet, I quoted from Danielle Laporte, "Doubt is a controlling feeling. No matter what you do, you're going in the right direction." She's so right. No matter what I tried I ended up in the same place, to only find out I was going in the correct direction the entire time.  So I realized without knowing that in 2013 not only was I "Praying For Purpose" but I was preparing for it too.  I am so grateful for this year and look forward to 2014. I know it will be awesome! 

Live your life In Color!