Life Map

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Creating Your Own Happiness

Have you ever thought about your life's map, your pursuance, your do's, your don'ts, and your wills, wont's, and I cant's.  I decided to start a map that could help me navigate through this journey. If you've been following me you know I recently announced my 365 day challenge. Let's be honest, it's hard to do commit to something for a week but 365 days, wow! I have a challenge ahead of me. But back to my personal path. I am truly trying to create my "Happily Ever After" most of us relate this to marriage, but how many of us know you have to focus on yourself to truly be happy. I'm lucky enough to have someone whose supported all of my hopes and dreams. My husband has really road the wave with me he's been my backbone when I was weak, my armor when I need protection and eyes when I could not see. I wish everyone could experience such a dynamic person in a lifetime.  He is my number one Lifeship partner, we're best friends, and lovers.  I'm so thankful for the partnership we've been able to form.

This year I will focus on creating a life I love. I have always had a life of joy, laughter, and love, like most of us, I may not have appreciated it all at once. That will change. As I take on this challenge and meet outstanding people, I'm going to ask them questions on how they keep it together and how would they define their personal life map. You know what, maybe I may start with a few friends. It would be interesting to see how they pull their happily ever after together. I am really excited and looking forward to starting my 2014 Life Branded® series. Get ready to be inspired, creatively stimulated, and having thought provoking conversations.

Let's keep in touch. We will build and conquer dreams together!

Live Life In Color