Surrounded by Delight, Happiness, & Joy


Surrounding yourself with delight is important. Despite the day to day activities that can really wear you down, there has to be a place of delight for all of us. Surrounding yourself with uplifting people is essential to your happiness. Of course, it sounds like a no-brainer but it’s not always easy. Everyone gets comfortable in relationships and some of which aren’t adding to your happiness quotient. My point is that it is a WHOLE lot easier to feel good about yourself and to develop habits of happiness when the people around you are already feeling happier. It’s actually a bit contagious. However, how do you find delight when there's no one around. "Surround yourself with delight"

I suggest you come up with a list of things that brings you delight. 

My list is something like this:

Watch my favorite movie: As Good As It Gets
Pamper my Skin: Love to give at home facials and scrubs
Listen to my favorite tunes: Occasionally  I Try a new Pandora channel (Do a happy dance)
Create a new recipe: I love trying new things in the kitchen
Take a scenic drive
Be Creative: I love a project. I restore vintage furniture

All of the things above brings delight to my life almost instantly. I also periodically call one of my best friends who is wise and experienced — she’s what I call a happiness mentor that can always give me a wider perspective. So my main happiness boosters are creativity, self-care, dancing, and laughter. They move me from feeling the funk to seeing things differently and helping me begin again.

We may not always have the option to surround ourselves with others. When we find ourselves needing a pick-me-up we must go to our bag of delights to bring on the HAPPY!

Live Life in Color