Recognize Your Gifts

"Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving." - W. Clement Stone. 

Lately I've been thinking about the gifts I possess.  We all have some sort of gift, some talent or skill we’re better at than most. More importantly, I’ve also been thinking about what we should do with our gifts. We receive so many messages from from everyone in our lives. You know how it goes, you should do this or that. In some cases you just want the voices to stop. For me, I had to step back and take a look at my passions and what I'm truly good at, despite my education. I've come to realize that my journey has brought to me to my current state of being, and I'm loving every moment of it. 

So I question; Are we put on this earth to work 40-80 hours a week doing something we don’t like just so we can get a decent paycheck and receive health benefits? Are we put on this earth to work really hard at something so when we’re in our 60s we can start living? Is it better to play it safe and have a job that's secure than it is to take risks and live a life of passion and purpose? 

We're meant to live lives full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles. That's what we were put on this earth to experience. Think about what excites you. What are you bursting at the seams to share with others? Do you have an amazing skill you love to do and could do all day, every day? Do you have a talent that could be used serve others? What does your inner voice tell you? 

“When we're born we all have unique gifts to share with the world. Throughout our lives we are often thrown off track by taking a job that is safe and has great benefits but isn’t fulfilling, we aren’t passionate about it and it doesn’t serve our purpose. We may be good at it. We may be the best at it. That doesn’t mean that is your gift.”  Celia Ward, the author of A Woman’s Guide to Having It All, Life Lessons to Live By 

Everyone wants to be able to do work that uses their own unique gifts. We all want the universe to be like, "Hello! You're doing the right thing and here are the signs to let you know that’s true.” Be patient. It’s all about the journey of finding your gift and using it to share with the world the best version of you.

What Are Your Gifts? How Are You Sharing Them?  Do you agree that gifts should be shared? Do you know what your gifts are? Have you figured out a way to share them with others?


Experiment with interests you may have been afraid to go for and are hiding deep down within you. See what happens. The sweet spot is when you recognize what you love to do, then work your petunia (what my mom called my little butt growing up) off at it. Just because this is your gift doesn’t mean it comes easy. You have to work at it everyday. 

When you figure that out, you can experiment with how those skills can be a part of your life and part of your journey.

Some people are born with clarity and know right away what they're going to do. For others takes much longer. 

You might find that you're very talented at something, but it doesn’t bring you any joy. That is not your purpose.

Your purpose is something you're amazing at, and that brings you great amounts of joy.

The Next Best You

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