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I recently came across a lovely site and app, Brit + Co., I just had to share. A lover of everything creative, I've noticed as we become  older its imperative that we exercise our creative brain muscle. We are constantly bombarded by life and sometimes forget the simple joy of creating or how to focus on happy.  Well check out Brit + Co. Its an array of great ideas , how to's, tech gadgets to make our lives a little easier, as well as, cooking made easy, and even the latest fashion trend and party preps. The app is fun and colorful, it will keep your creative ideas churning (I really suggest the download). A fully stimulated Lifestyle Brand, Bit will keep you on your toes with fun and delight!

Even more fascinating is Brit herself, a former Product Lead for Google TV, wants to be the “Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley.” What does this mean for women in Silicon Valley?

Morin left her fairly big post at Google last year to become an entrepreneur on her own. The move seemed promising, especially given the lack of female founders in Silicon Valley.

Morin’s first techy project is an app called Weduary, which came out of some programming she used to plan her wedding to Dave Morin, founder of the well-funded social media startup Path and a former Facebook bigwig. During the couple’s honeymoon that she “realized she could create a company that combined homemaker and hacker,” as  The LA Times puts it.

What came next was, which offers tutorials on these homemade hacks and editorial on techy home gadgets — everything from a video on how to make a “Thanksgiving Pizza” to a spotlight on a dog collar with a scannable QR code. 

Dubbed by the press as “Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart,” Stewart may have invented lifestyle branding, but Brit Morin is determined to give it a digital makeover. I love that Brit has designed a site for the modern woman with little time to focus on domestic duties. She explains,  "The goal is to help people add order to their chaotic lives in creative ways. It's clear that people want to make things and do things but they don't have time, don't know how or don't have the right materials."   

Brit has also launched another stand-alone effort, under the Brit umbrella,, a wedding-related site that opens for sign-ups Wednesday.

It's an app that she and her husband Dave Morin (co-founder of Path and an alumnus of Apple and Facebook) created for their own wedding in July. The idea was to make the occasion more social by letting their guests mingle online beforehand and learn about shared interests, table seating and who's single.

"Weduary made for a more interesting experience for guests online and offline," Morin said. "That's what my brand is all about."

Morin says she wasn't always so creative with crafts. Even though she would go on to work for Google and its video-sharing site, YouTube, she says those online services weren't around to offer helpful hints on how to cook or sew when she was growing up in suburban Texas.

Morin said she struggled at first even to thread a needle. When she was 16, she nearly broke the sewing machine with her first major project: a purse made from empty Capri Sun juice cartons.

"It was ironic that I ended up working at Google and YouTube where we helped people find this type of information," Morin said.

As I continue to search and find individuals living through their designed Life Brand, I am fascinated on how their path lead them there. I share these stories to inspire others to do the same. You may start your journey on one spectrum and lead completely to a different path. Brit is an inspiration and I hope journey leads you to a life full of bliss, joy, and peace!

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Photo Credits: Bit + Co.  Article Credit: The Jane Dough The LA Times