Reaching Pass The Impossibles

Reaching Pass the Impossibles.jpg

Have you ever thought, I can’t do this. I can’t carry on a mission you feel so strongly about.  It can feel lonely, painful, and sometimes filled with hostility. You sit back and reflect, “Is there another way? An easier way? A happier way? You ask the universe to open up, and give you the American Dream version of your plan?”

These are all good questions we wish we had the answer to. However anyone who’s on a journey that they are carving for themselves must know its not easy. If you’re doing something different, working outside the box, and staying in line with your passion you have to know that its possible to move pass what looks impossible at that moment.

Somewhere maybe in all of us there is this pie in the sky feeling we live with, and perhaps we want the made for TV movie, an instant microwave life. We know it’s not realistic, but we can’t help to yearn to wake up and have that $400,000 client waiting in our inbox. So unrealistic. Who are we fooling, we have all dreamed of that big moment, however we know its not that simple. There are some hills to climb, and miles to travel, before we see that beautiful rainbow. In the end its worth it. That’s why its called your life’s journey, we need all the lessons along the way.

As I ponder the my goals and dreams I realize it takes patience  and consistency. Each day I hope to inspire myself and others as I go through this journey we call LIFE.

Live Life in Color


Photo Via Pintrest: by Matilde B. on Flickr Entry inspired daily reading at Once upon a Truth