The Definition of Lifeships™

I truly believe that we all have a purpose in one another's lives. There are no mistakes, there are no 'coincidences', there are no 'bad people'… I believe ALL people are in our experience for a reason.

I truly believe that we all have a purpose in one another's lives. There are no mistakes, there are no 'coincidences', there are no 'bad people'… I believe ALL people are in our experience for a reason.

We can meet someone for a minute, spend an hour or a lifetime with someone and each encounter leaves us slightly (or significantly) different than we were before we met that person. I have personally had experiences where I had met someone new, spent a few hours with them, never saw them again and yet… to this day I remember them and think of them fondly. I have also had experiences where I met someone for an hour and remember the unpleasant experience I had (that encounter reminds me to always think before I speak and greet all people with kindness, honesty and the intention of clarity). 

People can come and go, but their 'essence' stays with us. Some people have an energy about them that simply draws you in and you are left feeling so pleasant after the encounter that you think of them with happiness in your heart. Others have an energy that does not 'fit' with your own and those people are also in our energetic experience long after they physically leave our presence. Have you ever had that experience? You met someone (interacted with a moody salesperson in a shop) and their energy was so negative that they simply made you feel awful!? Some people make us feel bad about ourselves, doubt ourselves and others around us because they are not balanced and their only way of communicating is to expel their energy (which I call a 'low frequency' energy) onto us. In those situations, if we are not strong enough within ourselves to 'brush it off', we are left festering in that 'negative low frequency' for minutes, hours, days and, yes, sometimes even months and years go by and we still remember how unpleasant they made us feel. 

This is how strong encounters can be. Something trivial can turn out to be a thing that festers within us for a long time. The trouble with that is that those  people, the low frequency 'energy suckers' who gave us their 'load', are feeling much better afterwards, while their negativity has been transferred onto us. :s 

Energy flows. It is constant, it is a never-ending, limitless force that has to exchange… it's all about give and take. If we are giving and never taking then we are in dischord. Same goes for those of us who take and never give. We are meant to SHARE our experiences here on this wonderful planet of ours. We are meant to share our energies, to balance each other out and experience new things, new people, new energies. This is the only way that we can grow.

 And then there are those encounters that are beautiful and feel fantastic and leave us feeling like a million bucks! THOSE encounters are many and we NEVER forget the FEELING those people give us. I have had MANY of these and I am so grateful for them! Some people are just more in tune with our energy and I believe that their energy enhances some part of our own. This is why we can feel so good with some people and feel like absolute **** around others. 

For me, I have had a new experience. I have met someone whose energy is SO fantastic, I can truly see the wonderful soul shining through. That person, though, might not see in themselves what I see in them. But, nevertheless, our encounters have always been interesting, filled with sparking conversation, fun, intelligence, wit, humour … this does not mean that the experience was the same for that person. Perhaps for my energy, I was receiving many, many things that I needed but for them, they were receiving very different things from me. I still believe that they have a purpose in my life, they are in my experience for a reason and that reason is still to be revealed. Perhaps we are there to open one another up, perhaps to learn something, perhaps to teach something, perhaps to exchange energies only, but… whatever it is, I KNOW that it is an encounter worth having. I know that it is not a mistake, nothing is. 

Energy flows whether we like it or not, and we attract the people in our experience whether we see it, believe it, or not. So, the only reason some people are still in our lives is because we (or the universe) are keeping one another in our experiences. I choose to see life this way, and it truly makes me feel at ease with everyone i meet because I choose to believe that I am responsible for their presence in my day, life etc and they drew me, too.

Everyone has a role to play in our lives and we have our role in theirs. I say, I don't need to know whatmy role is, what their role is, none of that matters. All that is important to me is to look at every single person in my life as my greatest teacher and my greatest student. The lesson will be revealed in time… Article DANA KARIC

Lifeships™ are relationships That Are Experienced Through Ones Life’s Journey -- Which Creates The Foundation Of Values That Are Nurtured Over An Evolution Of A Life Time, A Life Span, Or  Some Portion Of One’s Life. Connections That Create And Build The Roadmap To A Life’s Journey...

 Different from a friendship- Where as in a friendship it is cultivated for growth by two mutual beings to connect for a purpose. On the other hand a Lifeship is more of an influence on the process of life and your life's purpose. 

 How do Lifeships influence our Life Brand? As we travel through this roadmap called "Life" we come in contact with individuals who influence our decision making process. In the beginning its our parents, siblings, and family members, that influence our thoughts and decisions. Then the next portion of our journey is influenced by friends, associates, co-workers, etc. What does this all mean?  

 Well lets look at this for a second.  When you look back over your life and you think about where you are now-Who influenced it? Who gave you the courage to go forward, or in some cases didn't believe you could accomplish something and it pushed you even harder. Well good or bad that was a Lifeship moment. We've all had situations when someone out of the blue gave us a boost of confidence we didn't expect and we held on to that moment until we reached that goal. It could be a perfect stranger at your coffee shop, and had a brief conversation that you briefly shared what you were doing, and they thought "Wow" that's awesome and it gave you the bump of confidence you needed to go forward. 

Lifeships may come in different forms, it's the influences good and bad that help mold our lives through a human experience. It's a brief connection of souls meeting, and that encounter helps mold and define the Life Brand you ultimately become. 

Life is About the People We Meet
#Lifeships "Our Lifelines Through Life..."

Photo: Andrea V. Smoak  Article: The Happy Planet Life Branded®