Vanilla Lime Pear-adise Cinq à Sept Friday


Hi Neighbors,

This week we're taking you to Pear-adise. Where the skies are Vanilla lined with Pear shaped clouds and limes are glistening from the trees. Doesn't that sound and smell delicious. We have an original cocktail infused with this greatness. It will tantalize your senses in so many ways a perfect pare for and dish, it's smooth and buttery. 

We used the Royal Riviera® pears from our holiday favorite Harry and David,  an American tradition for almost 80 years. From handpicked fresh fruit to handpacked gift baskets and homemade treats, Harry & David provides the perfect gourmet gift baskets and treats for the upcoming holiday and all year long. 

We also indulge in their famous chicken potpie a perfect pare!

Cocktail: Vanilla Lime Pear-adise

4 oz of  Kristian Regale Sparkling Pear (found at Harry and David)
1       Vanilla Bean Stem
2 oz Absolute Pear
2 tsp. Lime Curd (found at Harry and David)
2 oz. Limoncello (Fabrizia)


Slice Pears Thinly
Mix Whipped cream with Lime Curd
Splash of Pear Vodka

Whisk Lime Curd and Whipped Cream & Splash of Pear Vodka
Layer the pears with the mixture
Dust lightly with cinnamon sugar and serve chilled