Fall Cocktails: Cinq à Sept Friday


Fall is officially here, which brings warm, spiced cocktails, and of course October Fest. We have teamed up to bring you some delicious craft cocktails, that will leave your taste buds wanting more.  

Peach White Tea (Served Hot or Cold)

4 oz Hot White Tea
Fresh Peach Slices (1 Peach for Garnish & Muddling)
2 oz Jim Beam Honey Bourbon
1 oz Peach Nectar (You can purchase a can or make it fresh)
1 oz of 99 Peaches

Fresh Peach Nectar 

1 Peach
1 cup of water
1 Tbs of sugar

In your blender combine one sliced peach with one cup of water
add 1 Tbs of sugar blend to smooth, strain with cheese cloth

Pumpkin Peach Shandy

12 oz Pumpkin Ale (We used Pumpking Ale)
 2  oz Jim Beam Bourbon
 3  oz Peach Juice (We used Minute Maid Premium Peach)
 2  oz Fresh Squeezed Peach Nectar

Please Come By Every Friday For Cinq à Sept Friday's

Once considered ‘the missing hours’ in France, 5-7pm was the time when men and women would generally sneak off to ready themselves for dinner and enjoy a cocktail.  Story be told that it was also an optimal  time for some gentlemen to visit their already half disrobed mistresses.

For us we may not have a mistress, but we will help you in your pleasures. So sit back have a laugh, as we treat you to a good time and the perfect libation

Each week we create a new crafted cocktail with the finest ingredients.   

Moments are precious, enjoy them.

From Your Girlfriend Next Door