You Are Capable Of Living A Life You Love


Knowing you are capable of greatness has to live within. Honesty in addressing your capabilities are a sure way to gain a trusting and respectful eye from others, and allows you to  stay away from the perception that you are someone else. You don’t have to be a superhero to have super powers. Everyone has strengths. In fact, knowing your natural talents, skills, abilities and personal accomplishments will bring you one step closer to choosing a life you love and knowing your capabilities.

Some strengths make tasks feel almost effortless such as good eye-hand coordination, reasoning skills or understanding information. Other strengths can be developed and improved over time, like learning to budget your money or to solve everyday problems. Skills often require some form of instruction and practice. The point is that you can continue to acquire and build your skills throughout your life.

It is important to know what you enjoy doing, things that you do well, and events or experiences that make you proud and that you feel passionate about.

You need to be the best you can at describing your best qualities; particularly your key strengths. In my coaching practice I generally, at some point, ask my client: "What are you good at?" purely as a means to establish if they have already thought through this most important question. More often than not, this leads to head-scratching, umms and arrhs and then quite often a monologue on how unsure they are on any of their strengths.

Don't hold yourself back from what you're truly capable of. Being comfortable is all well and good, but don't let yourself get too comfortable. The greatest things in life come when you push your boundaries, so challenge yourself and reap the rewards. 

  1.  Focus on the joys in life: When you realize it’s not all about you, the annoying voice that tells you to be afraid begins to shrivel and loses its poison. “That, more than anything, sent me on a positive path.” 
  2.  Spiritual preparation:  It essential to work out spiritually in order to stand up to the fear and anxieties that life’s trials bring. Surround yourself with positive messages and positive people.
  3. Remember a greater good Staying true to a promise might be the most emotionally solid aid to overcoming fear.

Need an exercise to find your strength? Here's how!

On a daily basis, take a piece of paper and write down what you think your top 10 - 15 strengths are. Just take note of what you do naturally, and what you enjoy doing. During the process, you'll experience several "aha!" moments about what your strengths are, and you'll find that you tend to write certain things over and over again, indicating to you that you already "know" your strengths, just that you weren't consciously aware of them.

After 2 - 3 weeks, compile your notes and look for the items that keep coming up over and over again. These are very likely what you think your strengths are.

You are an unfinished work in progress. One of the good things about life's challenges. You get to find out that you're capable of being far more than you ever though possible. You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give.

Article influence and knowledge from readings at Jay Platt