What Empower Means To Me


Today I had to focus on what empowers me. I'm sure it's different for everyone. For me, it's the ability to make a choice. The problem is that we often forget that there is a choice in absolutely everything. Even if external circumstances prevent us from doing what we prefer, we have a choice in how we are going to approach the situation. We have control over our attitude, thoughts and feelings.  

I often hear people talk about being "stuck" at their jobs. When asked why they don't move to another job that would be more fulfilling, their reply: "I can't because I need the insurance" OR "I can't because I've built up my retirement" and it goes on. Do you notice anything interesting about those responses? They all revolve around the word "can't". There is no power in the word can't, it simply spells fear without a plan. This is the point when someone becomes more loyal to the hours of 9 to 5, over being loyal to themselves. Most people who find themselves in this rut are unhappy, in some cases depressed, the worst is over weight. The sad part about living an unfulfilled life is knowing you have the power to stop it, but continue to dwell in your own misery and complaints. What's that about? 

We live in the best time to have the courage to start anew, rather its your own business, a career change, or going for the promotion you've worked so hard for, its time to do it!

I wanted to break down what and how I feel powerful daily. So I made the my own acronym. 

O-Own it
R-Realize & Relish

Ok. So now I can understand daily what my choices are to "empower" myself. I choose to elevate, move, make a plan, own my choices, be guided by wisdom, embrace the good with the bad, realize what ever comes my way is in divine order, and relish in my success!


Here is how we are empowered through choice:

We are empowered when we are aware that we are choosing something.

Instead of being "stuck" - ask yourself:

• What reasons do I give for staying in the current situation? 
• What do I gain? 
• What do I lose? 
• What is more important to me right now?

Once you answer those questions you will have made your choice AND as you are going through the questions and answers you will become aware of the fact that you are making a choice.

The next step would be to ask yourself:

"How do I choose to feel about this decision?"

This is where attitude comes in.... You have the power to make the RIGHT choice for You!

The Next Best You

Live Life in Color 

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