The Next Best You TV


I"M EMBARKING ON A NEW ADVENTURE..... (click the image to watch the promo)

Today I would like to introduce "The Next Best You TV"

I'm coming to your living room, kitchen, office or where ever you find your comfort spot for, lots of laughs, love, and conversations.  It's my hope that we can connect, have a good time, make pancakes together, and perhaps enjoy a cocktail. I'm your girlfriend next door, with an ear, an open heart and understanding, all in hopes of helping you become the next best you.  

Rather we're talking business, personal, family, friends, or Lifeships, we're all trying to live and connect to our Life Brand. It's a self discovery journey. As you've seen from my personal paths, lifeships, life branded, and my journal I'm an open book. Lending my experiences and truths in hopes that I will help you find and/or connect with your Life Brand. Its definitely a process, and we all are on the path to get there, or if you are there its my hope you share your journey for us to learn from.

I hope you join me in my little Nook of color, where I hope to brighten your day, put a smile on your face, and simply have an good time.

So please join me April 4, 2014, for the launch of The Next Best You TV we'll toast with a glass of champagne.


The Next Best You
Live Life in Color

Your Girlfriend Next Door