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Let Life Surprise You

Let life surprise you. Some times the unexpected can bring with it so much more joy and happiness than we ever could have hoped to create. Embrace everything that life throws your way, there are a lot of unknown gifts that life has to share. When you realize life is full of surprises, showing you that when you thought that some things were not possible, they become possible by exceeding our expectations.

From our stories, promises, beliefs, preachings, excuses we all get by with something. Just be yourself and let life surprise you without expectation! Follow your own path and shine your light for yourself and others to see if they choose!

 Frankly I want to live life as unexpected and with as as many surprises as it has to offer. Otherwise I feel I would be not living at all. Take the fear out of life and allow it to surprise you. You'll never know the joys, laughter, and harmony you may enjoy on your journey....

Live Life In Color 
The Next Best You 

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