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What do you and your girlfriends talk about?

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  • Current Topics
  • Support Each Other

We talk about seriously on occasion, laugh, and love to share a bottle of wine, or a delicious cocktail.  We share, we offload and we occasionally rationalize.  The greatest discovery of my recent years is to find girlfriends that I can tell anything to. Its trust loyalty, understanding, and the non-judgement zone we all search for. The person who will love you pass your imperfections and allows you to be vulnerable.

They know if and why I’ll do something, and they know the outcome often before the thought has even entered my head.  We provide a support system for each other. We girls need that. And only another girl truly knows how bad it can get at times.

There have been a few times over the last few years when I’ve needed to be emotionally held up, when I’ve felt unsure about life's transitions. A true girlfriend doesn’t need to hear the full detailed explanation; she gets it straight away.  Women help strengthen each other in our weakest moments, the unsure moments, and the I don't know moments.

As your, "Girlfriend Next Door" we'll be free to discuss anything. I'm an open ear with a big heart. It's important to me to uphold relationships amongst women, embrace our differences, and allow us all to feel valued loved and important.  

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