When Perseverance Pays Off: Oh Joy


"The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is not the absence of obstacles, but the presence of perseverance." -Chris Widener

People are making big changes and doing exciting things. It’s amazing to see so many of my ‘online’ friends pursue and achieve ‘real life’ success. It’s not by luck – it’s not by chance –It starts and ends with hard work. Determination, motivation, perseverance, commitment, and passion.

Recently I caught up with one of my favorite bloggers Oh Joy, she along with other bloggers like Mrs. Lillien, have been a part of my morning routine for years. I've seen the logo changes, blog conferences, and even followed them along as they gave birth to their children.  They have all inspired me in some way or another. Amazed by their creativity, and never give up attitude, they motivated me to keep going even when I thought I couldn't.  I'm sure they all realize they have an audience, but I wonder if they realize that their work counsels us from time to time. 

Well, recently as I was catching up on all of my social media outlets I noticed Oh Joy has pinned a deal with Target. I thought to myself WOOOOOW! This is awesome. I am so proud of her, and all of her hard work. She's had other successes before, like her books and other collaborations, but Target. I couldn't take it. I hope everything flies of the shelf on March 16, 2014. I will be there to purchase for one of my summer themed soirees.  I'm just totally psyched for her.  

According to The Business Blog, Target is collaborating with Top Pinterest Influencers, like Oh Joy. 

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms for design, so it only makes sense that Target would use it for it’s new design collection. On Monday, Target announced a new design partnership with some of Pinterest’s top influencers and pinners, who will be designing exclusive party-planning collections for Target.

Not only are these people big on Pinterest, but they are popular design bloggers as well. ”We’re excited to see the launch of Target’s new design collaboration,” a Pinterest spokesperson wrote in a statement sent to Mashable. “Pinterest is a place where anyone can share the things they love and inspire others to go out and do things. Target’s latest line designed by everyday pinners is proof of that.”

Joy Cho of Oh Joy, who has over 13.6 million Pinterest followers, will have her collection debut on March 16th. Other top pinners Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk (8.3 million followers) and Kate Arends of Wit & Delight (2.6 million followers) will showcase their party planning collections in June and September.

Target, who has a little less than 150,000 Pinterest followers, has actively been using Pinterest for awhile now. When a user searches for an item on Target.com that is no longer available, instead of an error page the users will now see top pins from Target. They also uses small labels to identify popular items from Pinterest inside its retail stores.

Target worked with Pinterest to pick the three designers. “We selected Pinners who we felt would have broad appeal to our guests, have significant followings, a diverse geographic location and their own unique style,” a Target spokesperson told Mashable in a statement.

Life is about staying committed to what you believe in, being passionate, working hard and persevering. I learned this from Oh Joy. She has inspired me and others to be our best, love what you do, and stay steadfast.

The blogging world has taken the internet by storm, and allowed everyday individuals the opportunity to display their talents to the world. For this I will forever be grateful. We're able to work from home offices, have creative freedom, and meet individuals you would never have access to in a thousand years. It has changed the landscape of the business world, hence Target.  As a major retailer, I am so happy that they are reaching pass traditional outlets and allowing us to experience products from some of our favorite online sources. I'm sure there's more to come. Stay tuned!

Where do you stand, right now, today? Are you happy with where you are? If not, why aren’t you? What’s holding you back from being you on your best day?

The answer: Yourself.

This inspired me to share one of my favorite blogger, Life Without Pants. I love his blog, self described as, Entrepreneur. Spoon-bender.Saved by the Bell aficionado. Matt Cheuvront, has taken non-traditional to his own limits, "I’m passionate about living entrepreneurially – empowering and supporting others to do the work they want to do in order to live the life they want to live. A self-made entrepreneur, I’ve spent the past few years living the “new” American dream, one that doesn’t involve climbing the corporate ladder or holding out for that gold watch and retirement plan – instead, paving my own road, learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges each day."

Here's the article:

It’s easy to settle in and let things come and go. It’s easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. There are so many reasons why you SHOULDN’T change – but if there is one reason why you SHOULD – why don’t you?

We’ve talked about the inconvenience of change and the challenges that come with transition, but at the end of the day, if you want something – get out there and take it.

This time last year I was content, or at least thought I was, with living a routine life. Content with not rocking the boat or swimming against the current and going with the flow. But around the time I started this blog and started meeting so many of you – seeing how you had packed your bags and moved across the countrymaking the most out of unemploymentWatching people start their own businessesseeing friends land their dream jobs and publish their first book – something clicked inside of me. That voice telling me to appreciate what I had started telling me that there was so much more to life.

And here I am – in the midst of all this success, all of your positive energy has rubbed off. I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I am every day by so many of you. You and I – we are the future movers and shakers of the world – we’re in the drivers seat, masters of our own domains – and since no one knows for sure, we have to live like this is the only chance we get. Life’s too short for shoulda’, coulda’, wouldas’.

And what does it all come down to? Hard work. If you’re willing to make sacrifices, willing to put in the long hours and sleepless nights, willing to take a step back before taking a giant leap forward – you’ll achieve anything you want to achieve.

Ignore the naysayers, surround yourself with supportive people, maintain a positive attitude,ask questions, stay hungry for constant growth and  learning, always remain humble while exuding confidence, work hard, and at the end of the day, enjoy the hell out of life. It’s a gift we should be thankful for every single day.

Now we all know what to do, right? Work hard on the things you love, and the payoff will be bigger than life itself (or at least larger than we could ever imagine).

How has hard work paid off for you this year?

  • Perseverance is commitment, hard work, patience, endurance.
  • Perseverance is being able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint.
  • Perseverance is trying again and again.

Always remember: Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose. I will never again say that I am "stubborn"...I will say I "persevere"

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Article Credits: The Business Blog, Life Without Pants Photo Credits: Pinterest,  Oh Joy, #OhJoyForTarget