Cinq à Sept Boodles Raspberry Gin Shaker


Well with a little delay we're back again, with another episode of Cinq à Sept. Pearl (my Mac) had to visit the hospital. However, Jamal and I had a blast creating a great cocktail for you guys this week. As you know our happy hours are always full of laughter and a good time. So sit back and join us for good times and laughter...

This week we made a perfect Spring cocktail with fresh raspberries. It's berry season and we are enjoying every moment of it. By the way, I'm thinking up some great recipes for Pancake Talk Tuesday. You guys have to try this drink, its so refreshing and perfect pair for any patio, pool, or deck party!  So without further ado, let's drink!


Boodles Raspberry Gin Shaker

Okay for the Raspberry Grapefruit Gin Shaker. 
We juiced 1/2 ruby red grapefruit. 
1/2 Lemon.
2 full scoops of raspberry sorbet, 
3 full scoops of Vanilla Gelato
1 full cup of Boodles Gin. And added in ice and fresh Raspberries. 

After we blended we garnished with a few more raspberries and drank up!