Comfortable In Your Skin


Wow. I've learned so much since I've started this journey. For one, no one is perfect. What appears perfect from the outside is far from that. I've often been spotted as the truth friend, Now this hasn't always worked in my favor, nor have I've always been tactful with my delivery.  However, despite my delivery it always came from my heart.

I've loss many friends from my candor, but in the end I don't suffer from regret on what was said, but perhaps the delivery was not appropriate. But with life come wisdom. I've learned a lot over the years and can now advise with discernment and wisdom. It's a grift, and I except the task.

This week we observed sisterhood at its best between Beyonce and Solange, now many has speculated what happened on the elevator fiasco, however we all know its a guessing game.  The important, is tat we note despite the ups and downs from Jayz's personal relationship with Beyonce and Salongae 

From Your Girlfriend Next Door

The Next Best You 

Live Life in Color