CINQ À SEPT Strawberry Sparkling Lemon Mojito


Well hello guys, or should I say neighbors! Jamal and I are back with another episode of Cinq a Sept. Can you believe we're on number 7, time really flies when you're having fun. We really enjoy bringing you guys  a weekly happy hour full of giggles, laughter, and of corse a little turn up. So stay tuned for so much more. We have some announcements to share with you soon!

And remember, If You Have A Cocktail You Would Like to share, Please Email Us And We Will Definitely Try It.  

Strawberry Sparkling Lemon Mojito
Bacardi Puerto Rican Rum
Effervé: the sparkling French Lemonade
Fresh Mint
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Lime

Cheers From Andrea and Jamal
Enjoy your Cinq a Sept!