Cinq à Sept Friday: Tenure Vodka Chili Lime Cucumber Spritzer


We're sharing the perfect Day Party drink for the summer!  A Chili Lime Cucumber Spritzer...

We are twisting it up with Tenure Vodka and Yellow Tail Sparkling Wine! This is a must have cocktail for the summer. It's refreshing, and just like us it's sugar, spice, and everything nice. So for your next summer gathering treat your guest to something special and try this Cinq à Sept cocktail. Your party will be the hit of the summer.



1 Cup of Vodka (We used Tenure Vodka)
1/2 Cup of Lime Juice
1/4 Cup of Cumber Simple Syrup
(add 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water and slice a half skinned cucumber in a pot bring to a boil and simmer on low for approx. ten mins.)
1/2 Cup of Sparkling Wine (We Used Yellow Tail)
1 tsp. per glass Coconut Sugar
Crushed Ice
Garnish the Glass with powder (mix chili powder with salt if you like)

Drink up!

From Your Girlfriend Next Door and Jamal