PANCAKE TALK TUESDAY INDEX NO. 18: 60 Day Cleanse Challenge


This week on Pancake Talk Tuesday I'm delighted to announce my 60 day cleanse challenge. As you know we usually share some tasty cakes, coffee, or tea, however things are changing to snatch my body back and clean the pipes. Now this doesn't mean I won't share any more pancake recipes and have a great conversation, we'll just explore some healthier options. 

Sounds Good...

I hope you will join in on this journey. We can do it and with your help, I'm sure I'll be fine. 

Over the next 60 days I will share my journey, of what I'm eating and the type of exercise I will partake in.

Here's a list of what I have so far


BodyAnew Cleanse Kit

Guna Dermo

Primarily Green (Dark Colored) Vegetables
Some Fruit
Fish 3xs a week
Vitamix Smoothies 

Organe Theory 2xs a week
Treadmill 30-40mins 3xs a week
Elliptical 30mins 3xs a week

Black Girls Workout 2 (will keep you posted)

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