Cinq à Sept Friday: Cruzan Coconut Peach Paradise


Best Beach Cocktail Ever! Cruzan Coconut Peach Paradise | Cinq à Sept Friday

We are proud to announce Le Cinq à Sept Winners! Latoya and Myisha... We choose Two! 

They provided us the best cocktails and we decided to combine them and to give you an unique Cinq à Sept cocktail!

It was blast this week combining two cocktails into one. We made it Cinq à Sept style. Jamal and I took it to the beach, to give you the, "Best Beach Cocktail Ever!" So if you want something delicious to lay by the pool, chill on the beach, or chat it up with some friends we may have concocted the best cocktail shake your "Milkshake!" in the yard. Get Ready!

You'll need a Blender and Ice.

1 Cup of Peach Nectar
1.5 Cup of Coconut Milk (We used a can of Le de Coco)
.5 Cup of Fresh Coconut Water (If this isn't avail. we recommend Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water with Pineapple)
.5 Cup of Fresh Pineapple
1 Whole Peach
2 Cups of Coconut Rum(We used Cruzan Brand)

Add all ingredients to your blender with ice, and Voilà!!
The Best Beach Cocktail Ever!

Every Friday we provide you with authentic cocktails with the best ingredients. We love to keep all natural. So join us each week for laughs, fun, and a side crack along with a a great drink! We love sharing see you soon neighbors!

Drink up!

From Your Girlfriend Next Door and Jamal