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This Week I'm sharing my experience at the Omphoy Resort and Spa  Palm Beach, Florida.

I checked in Monday, most of the vacationers were checking out. Upon arrival the hotel was quaint, zen and seemingly calm. The wait for check in was short. I received the much needed help from Valet, and the Baggage Porter. 

As I approached the desk I was greeted by Allison, a loverly young lady who was more than helpful with my request... Unfortunately, as we were speaking a woman named Percilla, interrupted Allison mid sentence, and proceeded to push her out of the way. Allison, seemed somewhat startled, but proceeded to move on as this was seemingly usual behavior of Percilla. As a guest, it was quite disturbing to watch.

Things get worse at this point.... When I returned  from the locker room, Percilla looked at me and immediately called for a Bag Porter, and looked at me as if she was disgusted by my presence. In a blatant stare she said, "You do need your bags checked, right?" All I could do is smile and say yes. I stayed pleasant the entire time.

At this point my meeting, became a little less important. I needed to understand why the customer service went from great to subpart.  I sat in the lobby and pretended to work on my IPad, as I watched two other people come in and was immediately checked in. At this point I needed to address the issue. So I approached Pracilla and explained I saw two other individuals checked in behind me and were not told they would receive a call later. I also explained, how she made me feel very uncomfortable when she interrupted my conversation with Allison, who did not mention there were no rooms available.  She proceeded to explain they have new management and they're VIP rooms set aside for them, and both of those guest where on the list. Convenient. Right?

Since that did not sit right with me, especially since one of the supposedly VIP cooperate guest had a box of 24 can of Bud Light. Now most of us who travel cooperate, know especially in the hospitality business you're able to drink at the hotel on your account. Interesting. Needless to say, I simply asked for the manager's information and took it up with him. I explained how she made me feel very uncomfortable as a guest and was simply not accommodating at all. After speaking with him, I was called within 15 mins, stating my room was available and they would discount an ocean view upgrade, at a cost of $75.00.  I excepted and tried to enjoy my stay.

This is what happened next. After getting dressed for the evening, I headed down to the bar. There was myself and 1 other person sitting there, who was already served, it took an additional 15 mins. of me waiting, I finally asked for service. I was so disgusted at this point the bartender asked how was my stay, and I explained everything. He proceeded to inform me its, the off season and there are plenty rooms available, and at the looks of the hotel, which was pretty empty I don't know why this was such an issue. I want so much to believe this wasn't blatant discrimination. I'm not going to go there. I enjoyed my conversation with the bartender and began to get over the situation. He was really good and catering. We even made up a drink together.

Unfortunately, that didn't last long. After leaving the bar and heading over to the elevator a man approached me alone in the elevator and told me. "I saw you from the surveillance cameras and you seemed very animated at the bar. Was the service ok?" I was stunned, someone actually admitted to me that I was being watched like a criminal...Wow! I didn't have words. No Yes I did. I told him instead of watching me, he needed to spend his time on Percilla, that's who I had an issue with. This is ridiculous!

***Just so you know that $75.00 upgrade was double taxed and ended up $100.00 the original price quoted.***

The next morning I woke up, with in the best mood the water was gorgeous, the view was great. I decided to look at the glass half full. Upon my departure, I wanted to enjoy breakfast, while gazing at the water. I ordered the All American with beacon and handmade tater tots and hot tea. The waitress brought me water, two tea bags, and cream. She did not return to give me any kind of sweetener. I had to hunt someone down. Once I received my food, I decided to make a breakfast sandwich and noticed a large lizard looking my way. I even took a picture, since he starred at me so long. In an instance I noticed he was gone, and as I decided to bite he was in my plate eating my eggs. I was mortified.  I know we cannot control nature, but when I told the waitress what happened, she said, "Oh he doesn't usually do that. People have started to feed him and now he eats human food and other lizards." At this point I wanted to run and run fast. 

The Omphoy Resort & Spa is a beautiful, boutique style hotel on the water. At this point I could not recommend visiting, until they do some major staff changing. I felt horrible when I left. 

The beach is nice, FYI the Four Seasons is right next door. Try them!

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