The Absolute Best Tiki Cocktails Featured On Cinq à Sept Friday


Well we told you guys we were bringing you Tiki's this week! Well here we go with a grass skirt, a shot, a cool cocktail by the beach, and to top it all off the best version of a Mai Tai EVER!

We were inspired by one of our favorite DMV Restaurants, Farmers Fishers Bakers, were they specialize in Tiki Cocktails. Not only did the  Bartender Carlos give us a history lesson, he made us a special cocktail we wouldn't forget. So we decided to give you our own take on the Best Tiki Cocktails ever made.

Tiki culture of mid-century America was primarily born in the restaurant industry. Don the Beachcomber's in Hollywood, California, is largely credited as being the first tiki restaurant from which all other eateries and bars "borrowed." Donn Beach, the founder of Don The Beachcomber, is also credited as having created the tropical drink genre singlehandedly. Donn was the first restaurateur to mix flavored syrups and fresh fruit juices with rum. These drinks were called Rhum Rhapsodies and made Don the Beachcomber's restaurant the hot spot for Hollywood elite and stars from the 1940s well into the 1960s. By the mid to late 1950s, many restaurateurs had begun to copy, and in some cases, steal Donn's theme, food and cocktails. Many eventually created their own cocktails and signature food dishes based on Asian themes. Donn Beach is credited for having created some of the most memorable exotic cocktails such as the Scorpion and the ZombieHoward Hughes was a regular at the Hollywood Don the Beachcomber.

Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron was a Donn Beach contemporary and the founder of Trader Vic's restaurant chain. Both created a variety of "Polynesian" dishes, including crab Rangoon and rumaki.

The Mai tai is considered to be the quintessential tiki cocktail. A protracted feud between Donn Beach and Trader Vic erupted when both claimed to have invented the mai tai.

Most tiki-themed establishments served at least some of their cocktails in ceramic mugs depicting tikis; also known as tiki mugs. The styles and sizes varied widely. Most restaurants offered their signature drink in a tiki mug that the patron was able to take home. This led to a large number of tiki mugs surviving as souvenirs. Today, the tiki mug is a highly prized find and is considered to be as much a symbol of the Tiki culture as a tiki itself.

Special thanks to Farmers Fishers Bakers The Farm is a concept development and restaurant management company established on a platform of farm-inspired American true food and drink in modern, upscale casual, and eco-friendly settings. The Farm created the internationally recognized, award-winning Founding Farmers restaurant in the heart of Washington, D.C. 


Sit back and relax as we share the ingredients for a special treat!

First up the shot:

1) Black Banana 

Splash of Banana Rum (We used Cruzan Banana Rum)
2 oz. Malibu Black
2 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice
Serve in a halved lime hollowed out with a Strawberry sugar (Le Temps Des Mets Strawberry Sugar) rim

2) Twisted Blue Hawaiian Smoothie

1 cup Fresh Squeezed Pineapple Juice
4 oz. Banana Rum (Cruzan Banana Rum)
4 oz. Blue Curacao
2 oz. Coconut Cream
2 cups of ice

Now we've giving you 3 drinks this week! We hope you enjoy. Leave us some feed back and tell us what you think.

3) Pineapple Guava Mai Tai

4 oz. Guava Juice
2 oz. Dark Rum (Myers's Rum)
Splash of Grenadine
1 oz. Triple Sec
2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

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