Galentine's Day Red Velvet Champagne Float


Happy Galentine's Day! 

Now we all love our partners, significant others, etc. but what about that special friend in our life? It's the person who always offer a shoulder we cry on, you can vent to, takes your call, simply put, the person you couldn't see life without. Valentine's Day is a day we can cherish those who are very special to us. Take a little time out of your day to celebrate friendship.  I've provided you with a fun idea to let your besties know how much you care.

Red Velvet Champagne Float

1 Cup Chilled Heavy Whipping Cream

1/4 Light Brown Sugar

3 Dashes Lorann Professional Kitchen Red Velvet Bakery Emulsion  
P U R C H A S E  H E R E:

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We are starting a meet up! soon I'll travel city to city for fun, laughs, conversations, and of course a cocktail. join the meet up group and stay tuned for upcoming events. 

The term “Lifeship” is coined through experiences with successful clients and observing how each of them had impressionable individuals in their lives who help mold their life’s foundation. Girlfriend Lifeships are the rock of a happy and successful woman's life. We will explore what it takes to find and nurture Lifeships with strong friendships we make in those we meet through our journey together. Join us here.

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