Vol. I Dayna Decker

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LIFE BRAND….Dayna Decker

Modern. Seductive. Luxury.
THE IDEA BEHIND HER EXTRODINARYLY ENTICING BRAND…Dayna has created an   extraordinary brand and product through luxury and uniqueness.

Alluring ambiance,  multisensory  experiences and a passion to reinvent  the familiar  through the progression of  sight, sound, smell and   function - this  is  the essence  of Dayna Decker. Driven  by  innovative   thinking  and    the   notion  that   glamour
and  elegance  can  be juxtaposed with minimalist  design  and eco-balanced   formulations  for  the  home and body, Dayna Decker  continues  to  push   the   envelope  by  modernizing  products to  seduce  the  senses and calm  the effect     of daily life.  Be enraptured by the sensuous  forms,  intrigued  by  the pureness of  the ingredients and  hypnotized by the richness of the fragrance. Transform your living space into a sanctuary for life.