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LIFE BRANDED….Philippe Starck

Inspired by his father, who worked as an aircraft designer starck spent his childhood under his father's drawing boards, sawing, cutting, gluing, and sanding, dismantling bikes, motorcycles and other objects.

From the mid-sixties, Starck attended the Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris, and he set up his first company in 1968 to produce inflatable objects. In the 1970s he fitted out the Paris night-clubs la main bleue (1976) and les bains-douches (1978). French president Francois Mitterand assigned him to decorate a suite in the Elysée palace in Paris in 1982. Since then he has reached a phenomenal international reputation in hotel interiors, furniture design and domestic products. in 1984 he designed the interior of the café costes in Paris, along with those of other establishments, such as the Manin in tokyo (1985) and teatriz in madrid (1990). He has also designed a number of private dwelling houses and apartment blocks, commercial premises. In Paris a whole street block, la rue Starck, is going up to his designs (1991). Philippe Starck may be the most famous and prolific designer alive. His desire for transgression and challenge, of esthetic and cultural provocation made him change our lamps, door handles, cutlery, kettles, vases, clocks, scooters, motorcycles, desks, beds, taps, toothbrushes, baths, toilets… in short, our whole life.

You can find exquisite recent projects in Miami, Viceroy Miami, New York, Downtown by Philippe Starck, Hudson Hotel, and many more. 

Starck, projects are an experience. When you step into a room, pick up one of his uniquely designed objects they are all marked by his vision.  It is very easy to see his Life Brand, throughout his life it’s him, his DNA and stamp, and a joy for us all to enjoy. So take some time and experience the Starck treatment we promise it will be worth it!

"In all my life, I never speak about design and architecture," says Starck, who somehow seems to combine asceticism with hyper-Romanticism. "I always speak about our life: our fight, our pain, our difficulties, our dreams, our vision, our utopia."

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Photos: Philippe Starck