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LIFE BRANDED….Paul Wharton

Vol. 10 Paul Wharton

Style. Charm. Talent.

Life Brands come in many different facets. They may not always start out as a product, but merely a talent.  Meet Paul Wharton, popular television personality, lifestyle trendsetter and make-over guru. Paul started his television career as the original MTV Model Coach on the Emmy winning series "MADE". After "MADE", Paul became an on-air makeover guru on "The Ricki Lake Show", signed with Wilhelmina Models Creative and was featured as the energetic and insightful model coach on VH-1's model series "The Agency".

Paul continued to share his model making expertise as the show starter that makes models fabulous on TV Land's original hit series "She's Got the Look". After years of working with models, Paul joined the cast of TV One's "Makeover Manor" to share his fashion advice with ordinary people that overcame extraordinary circumstances. In addition to his work on "Makeover Manor", Paul accepted an offer to co-host TV One's "DNC Live After-Party" alongside Jesse Jackson, actor Hill Harper, Michael Eric Dyson and Sheryl Underwood.

Wharton has recently graced the new hit show The Real Housewives of DC, where he is now considered the 6th house wife. Fans all over the country are wondering about this fascinating talent. His unique charm and style simply pulls you in, and makes you want more.  Fans, get ready Paul is on the move. Paul is building a fascinating Life Brand, one many are seeing develop right before their eyes.

Life Branded, strives to bring you brands of all kinds.  In Paul’s case he is building a unique personal brand, that can lead to other great opportunities.  Paul understand that his brand is represented at all times. When we speak with client we explain that you brand is your natural authentic self.  It’s your life statement.  We assist anyone from young college graduates, business owner, and executives to help establish their own statement.

L+B Life is Simply your Brand.

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