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LIFE BRANDED….Stacey Sheron

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Legacy. Gift. Creativity.

Stacey Sheron, a fourth-generation fabric industry giant, brings her custom creations to her hometown of Atlanta. Stacey Sheron is an innovative interior designer with an eye for detail. After graduation from Atlanta College of Art, Stacey went to work at her family business, Lewis & Sheron Textile Company. Stacey decided to open her own store inside Lewis & Sheron with unique and beautiful creations that will keep people talking for years to come.

Though this is her first effort at launching her own lines and store, don't underestimate Sheron and the vision she has for her brand. “I definitely think that design and your home should make you happy, and I think [the store] is capable of doing that,” she says. Inspired by every era in history, and the future, she wants her customers to feel glamorous with her custom creations, hence her tagline, Live Famously. Sheron doesn't just create fabrics; she designs furniture (each one plaqued and numbered), rugs and wallpaper. Her goal is to make something new every day. “I believe that this store is an organic life form, and I'm going to nurture it and see what it wants to become,” says Sheron. “I just want to create opportunities for me to create."

Inside the spaceship-like showroom are brightly woven fabrics covering custom furniture finished with Sheron's signature “spit shine” finish, which includes 40 colors concocted by Sheron herself. The funky designs fill in the mod, white-lacquered showroom at the back of Lewis & Sheron on Huff Road. Conceived more than five years ago, Staceage has been kept top secret, just as Sheron had hoped—so well, in fact, that people who received invitations to the grand opening gala weren't exactly sure what they had been invited to.

Stacy Sheron's retrofuturistic and custom furniture pieces have been in demand since the opening of Staceage in 2007. This young interior designer continues to wow enthusiasts and produce the world's most unique furniture. Stacy's Staceage showroom is a MUST SEE!  Staceage is a modern boutique featuring the exclusive collection of home decorator fabrics, trims, furniture and furnishings designed by Stacy.

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