Vol. XII Rebecca Minkoff

LIFE BRANDED….Rebecca Minkoff

Vol. 12 Rebecca Minkoff

Born in San Diego, CA, Rebecca grew up designing and sewing clothing. Her passion for fashion and design prompted her to move New York after high school graduation and pursue a career as a designer.

Rebecca launched a five-piece apparel line in 2001. Her first taste at success came when an “I love New York” tee Rebecca designed made it onto Jay Leno and into US Weekly. Requests for the patriotic T flooded in. Rebecca spent the next few years sewing I Love New York shirts on the floor of her New York apartment.

In 2005, Rebecca took a stab at handbags, and the Morning After Bag was born. The now iconic, classic Rebecca Minkoff bag was an instant success. Rebecca quickly shifted her focus. She dropped her apparel line and developed additional styles to build out her romantically themed day-to-night handbag collection. With 4 years of consistent growth in accessories under her belt, Rebecca returned to her original love of apparel design and introduced a ready-to-wear collection in 2009.

As passionate about connecting with her consumers, as she is design, Rebecca Minkoff has quickly grown to become the #1 independent accessories designer in the United States. Rebecca’s goal is to become a complete lifestyle brand for the fashion-forward female.

Rebecca has taken her passion and demonstrated what a Life Brand is all about.  The common denominator with all Brands is passion. When most people speak about what their are most passionate about, it’s their natural gift and talent.  It’s a yearn or pull that is a constant reminder of what truly makes you happy.  Through  Life Branded consultations, we are able to help you develop your Life Brand.  Most people have the desire, but unsure on where to start.  Allow Life Branded help with the process….

Photos: Rebecca Minkoff, Buss Buss