Vol. XVII Malene B.


VOL_ 17 Malene B

Global Expression. Cultural Flavor. Bold Statements.

Malene B., is a Brooklyn, NY based African American carpet designer with a multi-disciplinary background in textile arts, painting and illustration. Her unique carpets,  are inspired by international travels, boldly interpret cultural icons, landscapes and rituals in an entirely fresh and personal way. Her passion for all things cultural stems from her world travels to places like Dakar, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur, as well as her African-Caribbean heritage. She designs each carpet to fit perfectly into a residential, commercial or hospitality environment.

For more than a decade, she has been creating carpets for industry professionals and private label brands such as Nicole Miller, Martha Stewart, Nautica, Liz Claiborne, Nate Berkus and others. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Textile Surface Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

As with most creative people, her childhood was surrounded by creativity. Malene spent her time designing cakes with her mother and watching her change the décor and drapes with the seasons. Her collection of awards have been given to her by The Stark Carpet Corporation, The Home Fashion Products Association, Textile Surface Design Department, and the French Lace & Embroidery Federation.

Malene's work is  globally inspired, iconic, colorful, textural and bold. She shares her love of travel and exposes the world’s connectivity through each design. Through her designs she celebrates cultural inspirations found in ceremonies, nature, habitats and art styles.

"I was told that everyone has something unique about themselves and that you have to have enough confidence to believe it. Best advice to give: To follow your passion no matter what anyone else tells you." –Malene B.

Malene B, has taken her travels and passions to new heights.  As a textile designer her creativity is limitless.  Malene has the opportunity to spread her wings in so many different arenas.  At Life Branded we believe in nurturing your Brand and extending it to Life’s possibilities.  Once you have discovered your passions and purpose, your Life Brand becomes a part of your Life. It’s like eating and sleeping. You start to realize the multitude of possibilities of what your Life Brand can and may become.  Life Branded is here to assist you in the process, giving you a clear and concise plan.

Malene is doing it, and so can you!  See Malene’s beautiful designs at Maleneb.com.

We’re happy to share great Life Brands with you, let us know your thoughts….L+B

Photos: Malene B, Jubella