Vol. XXIV EK Living

LIFE BRANDED….Eric & Cory Kuczynski

American Made Modern.

EK Living is a modern furniture design and manufacturing company located in Hagerstown, Maryland USA. Starting with basic geometry, they have created a bold, refined collection of furnishings which combine pure utility with intriguing design. All of their pieces are manufactured and assembled in Hagerstown with the highest regard for quality, comfort, and design. EK Living can also design and/or fabricate custom furnishings to designer or customer specifications.

EK Living is owned and operated by two brothers, Eric & Cory Kuczynski. Growing up in Hagerstown they both developed a strong sense of community and willingness to fuel their local economy. Eric was trained as an industrial designer at the University of Michigan with additional training in furniture and interior design at the Lorenzo Di Medici University in Florence, Italy. The latter is where Eric developed a strong passion for architecture, fine art, furniture, and interior design. Through his world travels and studies he has developed a simplistic and sophisticated approach to design, resulting in a clean, exciting modern style. Eric has been influenced by the styles of the great architects and designers of the 1920s and 30s. He believes strongly in the philosophies of functionalism and minimalism while combining them with the Post-War and Retro styles of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. His strong passion for art and creating art allows him to view each one of his individual projects as an opportunity to create something unique. Cory studied Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama while always having a great interest in architecture and design. With Eric being the creative force behind the company, Cory focuses on developing the business through strong personal relationships with customers and designers.  Cory also hopes to grow the Brand into “an American B&B Italia.”

After completing their schooling and returning to Hagerstown, Eric and Cory quickly realized that the local area was a "hotbed" for some of the most skilled furniture craftsmen in the United States, making it an ideal place to establish their company. After several years of development and prototyping EK Living premiered its line at the 2008 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. EK Living has established flexible production capabilities that allow for micro-customization or full customization of both low and high volume orders. EK Living has continued growing in 2009 with another great reception at ICFF and strives to become one of the leading manufacturers of residential and commercial modern furnishings in the United States.

Eric, 28 and younger sib Cory, 25 started this company based off their passion. By combining Eric’s training in industrial design, interior and furniture design  and his brothers entrepreneurship training, EK Living is making a staple in the America modern movement.  Reminiscent, of artist and designer past, they decided to enter into this journey at a  very early age, aimed with great passion and drive, these two young brothers plan to build a Life Brand to serve customers for many years to come.

We are delighted to share the passions of two young men, who dared to dream a bigger for themselves. Their not only building a Life Brand, but also making a major contribution to their community and purpose….L+B.

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