Vol. XXV Yolo Colorhouse

LIFE BRANDED….Virginia Young & Janie Lowe


Yolo Movement. Cause. Statement. Passion.

You've heard of VOC (volatile organic compound) Free paint.  Well here's a company that paints with a purpose!

When Virginia and Janie moved to Portland, Oregon, they were determined to live a different kind of life, leaving behind the high-stress NYC life. They wanted to focus on the outdoors and all that the Northwest had to offer. As part of the shift, the duo started a painting business called YOLO Paint. They initially, created custom paint finishes, mixed custom colors, painted murals, and installed plaster finishes for customers in Portland and up and down the West Coast.

Their original color palette, The Earth’s Color Collection was inspired by there customers who often stressed over choosing color for their spaces. As artists who are passionate about color, they were determined to take the fear out of color choosing and make it simple and more fun. Hence, 49 colors inspired by our natural world and designed to flow beautifully from space to space.

So, what makes Yolo different from other VOC free paint companies? Yolo believes that helping and saving the environment, which happens beyond the can. By purchasing alternative power, offering incentives for their employees who opt for alternative transportation, and transporting their paint by rail or biodiesel. Yolo is creating a movement. They’ve created a great team of  employees, who supports their passion and mission .

Yolo Colorhouse stands for premium, environmentally responsible paint products with beautiful, simplified color palettes. 

Here’s their mission:

We are connected to our community as artists, teachers,                            environmentalists and a woman-owned business.

We design colors to inspire confidence and creativity.

We bring environmental and social values to the workplace.

We are passionate about and committed to what we do every day.

Now you can understand why we selected Virginia and Janie as a Life Brand story. They created their own mission to make a difference, and now it’s become their life’s mission to share their vision with the world. Your Passion and Purpose, can take you to so many places. We encourage you to think about your mark and how you would like to leave the earth in a better place.

Let’s work on your Life Brand….L+B.

We believe the world can be more colorful and less volatile! –Yolo Colorhouse

Photos: Yolo Colorhouse Research Credits: Tree Hugger