XVI Shoot for Change


Vol_ 16 Shoot for Change

Possibilities. Captured. Giving.


Each one of us can make an impact that could change the way people see things. Each one of us carries a possibility to make an indelible impression that can transcend ignorance and apathy. Each one of us carries a possibility to make a difference. And that possibility lives in us every single day.

-Walter Grio, November 2006

Meet Walter Grio, a software consultant by day, and photographer extraordinaire by night. Walter bought his first SLR camera in July 2006 to document his travels for work.  His job called for him to travel internationally, and Walter decided to purchase an entry level SLR, Nikon D50.

One day while visiting Stockholm, Sweden, and hanging out with friends at a bar,  a makeup artist approached him to help her with her portfolio.  This was new for Walter , he had never shot a makeup portfolio or even fashion at the time, but  he decided to help her out.  She brought 3 Swedish models with her one Saturday and she did all the hair and makeup.  After that photo shoot, he was hooked on photography and fashion. 

After posting those photos on the web in November 2006, a couple of people asked Walter to take their photos and to name the price. Considering he had just started taking pictures, it was a surprise to him when someone asked him to do this. He never really thought about payment. He thought about it, and a few hours later, it came to him; "All the money from every photo shoot that I do will go to a nonprofit organization."  He typed it, marinated on it, debated it, and after several days, he knew this was something he needed to do. He instantly bought a domain, created a website, and registered "Shoot for Change" at the US Patent and Trademark Office. After the makeup photoshoot, he realized that he truly loved photography and that money would never be a motivating factor.

Before photography, he actually wanted to be a wedding videographer and enjoyed editing various clips and turning them into montages.

Walter understands the impact of a photo. It captures a moment in time that can never be duplicated, added, nor subtracted. He wants his photographs or should we say, “Moments of Change” to become a part of their life, and something they can reflect on in many years to come. 

Each photograph captures a moment for charity. The individuals who attend Shoot for Change events, not only receive something beautiful, they’re giving an opportunity for a non profit to live on and help others. Walter believes that nonprofit doesn't mean "nonquality".

He believes that anything is possible, if you put your heart into it. We can definitely see his heartbeat throughout SFC. Walter has been in the Washington DC area for only eight months and is a true example of someone following their passion and purpose. Though by day he’s a software consultant, and that too is a part of his authentic DNA, it cannot be denied a strand of his DNA consist of photography and philanthropy. Since moving to the DC area Walter and Shoot for Change has been featured at The Peacock Cafe, The Puro Cafe, and BoConcept. He is on the move creating a Life Brand of purpose. 

Many times we speak about living a life of passion and purpose.  Walter’s example shows us, life can sometime develop into a beautiful photograph, and that photograph is...you.  He has been able to take what he thought would be a personal documentary, and turn it into a journey of giving.  Walter has created the perfect Life Brand of POSSIBILITY….

You can read more about Walter and see his spectacular portfolio at shootforchange.com.

Photos: Shoot for Change