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Muléh (Moo-Lay) means, "to come home" in Javanese. The store opened in 1999 and became a go-to destination for those shopping for modern Asian interiors.

The store concept: to weave design as well as style throughout your home and wardrobe.

Born to Austrian parents, Christopher Reiter graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in finance. His real education, however, came from the vast amount of time he and his friends spent pouring through hundreds of vintage items at San Diego's immense selection of swap meets, which are massive flea markets. Little did he know his weekend hobby would become his passion. In the mid-90's, Reiter quit his fund manager position in San Francisco and moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he eventually opened a home design boutique selling teak wood furniture.

Four years later, Reiter moved to Washington and opened Muléh, selling furniture, men's and women's clothing and artwork at locations in Bethesda and on 14th Street, N.W. Muléh’s style is a mix of warm Asian design and western fashion, interpreted through clean lines and warm organic textures. These textures are integral to the materials, which include recycled teak, abaca rope and rattan.

Following 4 years in South East Asia, owner Christopher Reiter created Muléh (to come home in Javanese) in 1999 to reflect the harmonious subtleties of Asian modern interiors. Design talents with an aesthetic focusing on clean lines with rich texture are featured here. Rapidly renewable organic materials used in many pieces yield a warmer contemporary feel. Traditional crafts of local artisans are applied and therefore restored in producing these modern designs.

Women's fashion was introduced in 2004 to complement Muléh's lifestyle concept. Muléh weaves style & design throughout the home and into the wardrobe. Our selection of apparel is designed in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan.

Christopher understands DC has a very international demographic, but a conservative image. He wanted to do something different in a city that wasn't used to it.  A person who looks at style first, and label second.

Muléh is a great store please take a look and enjoy their fabulous Brands.

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Photos: Washington Life Research Credit: Lyra Mag