Vol. XXVI Stina Persson

LIFE BRANDED…. Stina Persson

At nineteen years of age Stina Persson found herself in Japan, working at a Mexican restaurant while studying Japanese. From there, she went to Perugia, Italy, where she attended the Accademia to study Fine Art. After this, off to Florence for some additional fashion and language studies.

Stina uses ink, watercolor or collages with ceremonial Mexican cut papers to create a style that is both vivid and elegant. She fuses the traditional with the edgy to introduce a modern look to illustration – a look that is appreciated by numerous clients including Nike, Absolute Vodka and Blue Note Records.

Stina studied fine art in Perugia and fashion drawing in Florence, and also has a degree in illustration from Pratt Institute in New York. She was awarded the Society of Illustrator’s Student Scholarship in 1996 and in 1997, and has exhibited her work in several shows in New York and in Japan.

Now do you want to see where your Life Brand can take you. For Stina, she has been able to use her talents to create Brand Identities for companies like Face Boutique. Stina’s beautiful watercolour images are different for each product and tie in as a range, making the products instantly identifiable and anchored to the brand. “Our aim was to use facial images to reinforce the name Face Boutique, however we didn't want to use photographic images as these tend to be too stereotypical in their representation of beauty,” explained Sarah Vorbech, founder of Face Boutique; “We felt Persson’s work fitted the whole brand perfectly as they are clean, fresh, quirky and visually arresting. All of the images had to work as part of a set but also stand out individually, incorporating a wide range of looks with which most girls could identify.” 

Other examples of Stina’s Brand identities: Packaging for Fazer Chocolate

She also created a poster for Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf-Ntozake Shange’s acclaimed play, starring India.Arie and Whoopi Goldberg.

Stina has worked with many Corporate Clients:Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, Godiva Chocolatier, Sony Music, Blue Note Records, Atlantic Records, Macy’s Department Store, Bloomingdale’s, UNIQLO, American Eagle Outfitters, Volvo Japan, Björn Borg Clothing, DKNY, Face Boutique, Iben Høj Clothing, & Target.

As well as Editorial Clients: Vogue Nippon, Harper's Bazaar, Flaunt, Elle UK, Marie Claire, Madame, Madame Figaro, Nylon Magazine, & Squint.

Her palette of work goes on and on. You will be surprised the many places her talents and Life Brand has led her.  Think about this for a minute. If you only relied on what you know today; where could your talents lead you?

“I grew up in Sweden in the 70's. Children's clothing were unisex, toys were simple and creative and kids supposed to roam about. This suited me just fine. I was running around in torn jeans, colorful t-shirts and clogs, when not indoors drawing.   

My drawings when little were of almost exclusively of girls with intricate hats, big smiles and colorful dresses. Maybe it hasn't changed all that much.” –Stina Perrson

Maybe much hasn’t changed in our lives as it relates to talents and gifts, but is it really suppose to. Your gifts and our talents are our DNA. Your Life Brand should come easy, it’s what’s natural and distinct to you.

Stina is an amazing woman and her gifts and talents has led to an phenomenal Life Brand. Find her work here.

Rely on your gifts and allow it to happen naturally, and see where you will land….L+B.

Photos:Stina Perrson, Face Boutique, Sweet MilkeResearch Credit:Fashion Blah Blah, CWC International, Xymara