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Hello Everyone, we are glad to bring to you make up artist Alison Cameron. Alison’s Life Brand has connected her talents and passions to create a life of purpose and bliss.

A self confessed perfectionist, Alison is influenced by the anatomy of the face colour, texture, moods, the atmosphere and the electricity of an environment, a smile, a look and the way that makeup can convey thoughts and emotions.

Her attention to the smallest of details and ability to create flawless, seamless skin make her her a firm favorite with clients, photographers and brides alike.

We interviewed Alison and asked her how she created her spectacular Life Brand.

The Interview  +

What is your background?

Funnily enough I started out in life as a dancer. Dancing was my passion, I started when I was 4  with the Ballet, Tap and Jazz and then took up street dancing when I was 16. My first professional job was the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998! Throughout the years my dancing took me all over Europe and South Africa and for celebrities like Beyonce, Robbie Williams, Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent.

How did you get your start in the industry?

In 2003, I gave my life to Christ and became a born again Christian. Slowly as I my relationship with God developed I began to get tired of the dancing lifestyle. I no longer felt comfortable wearing skimpy costumes and wiggling my butt on stage. Throughout my dance career, to keep the dosh [money] rolling in during quiet times I often worked on Cosmetic Counters in department stores doing makeovers and people had always said that they liked what I did on them. I had always had an interest in makeup and had often done my own makeup for jobs when the budget didn't permit a makeup artist. In fact I always approached makeup artists with caution. They had a tendency to make my skin grey and never made my eyebrows quite right!  So when I packed in the dancing in 2005, I began to work full time for the Estee Lauder Bureau which is an in house beauty consultants agency which supplies staff to all Estee Lauder brands such as Clinique, Aveda, Origins, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and......MAC Cosmetics !! I had always loved MAC and was thrilled when they put me to work on the MAC counter in Selfridges (which ranks the No1 in the world!!) I was hooked...I knew I wanted to work for the company and after 4 months of persistently pursuing vacancies and passing the 3 interviews which included a makeup test I began my makeup career Sept 2006 at the Brent Cross Mall in North London.

What is the inspiration behind Alison Cameron Makeup?

First and foremost I am a makeup artist but the inspiration behind Alison Cameron Makeup was to provide a high end luxury makeup service where Brides could look and feel their absolute best on their big day. Planning my own wedding in 2008, I was drawn to high end magazines such as Brides and You and Your Wedding because of the stunning photography and the visually appealing format. I wanted Alison Cameron Makeup to be aspirational, for each Bride to feel that by booking me they would look like a model or glamorous actress on their wedding day, a better more polished version of themselves. Looking their best is every Brides top priority. With the right makeup everyone can look truly stunning on their day. Flawless skin and well blended makeup to compliment their beautiful dresses and especially to look amazing in their wedding pictures which they will keep forever.

How would like to impact people through your creations,photos, and overall experience with Alison Cameron?

Firstly I like to make and impact with how I connect with people on a personal level. I absolutely LOVE weddings!! I genuinely care about their wedding experience and my most favorite part of doing what I do is making the Bride feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I often have to deal with worried mums/bridesmaids and take pleasure in being as helpful as possible. I have laced up loads of wedding dresses, sewed on broken straps, made cups of tea and being general run around for the morning. Nothing makes me happier when a Bride comes to visit me or emails me to thank me for helping out with their family on the morning or to say that the makeup didn't budge the whole day and that they felt really special and beautiful....that's the impact I like to have, to know Ive made some kind of difference, to make them feel more confident as a woman I think is really important. I also love to create and hope that through images that I produce (along with the talented creative teams that help put the whole thing together) I can inspire someone on some kind of level, even if its just to make their day a little brighter!

How did you discover your passion for Makeup Artistry?

When I started at MAC. I didn't really intend to make a career out of makeup but then I realized that hang on...I'm pretty good!! Working every day with MAC customers was all the training I needed! So many skin types and tones and personalities, it gave me a really good foundation. The first time someone asked me to do their wedding makeup I was shocked but very flattered. Someone trusted me enough to let me make them look beautiful on the most important day of their lives!! A seed was planted and was subsequently nourished over the next 4 years to create Alison Cameron Makeup.

Finally, What part of your DNA is in Alison Cameron Makeup? How do you connect with your Brand?

Definitely my heart! I do other kinds of makeup such as fashion, commercial and advertising but genuine love for weddings is my heartbeat...I love making people feel beautiful and I love creating art especially photography.

Alison Cameron is a London based freelance makeup artist working in Fashion, Beauty, TV/Film, Advertising, Music and Weddings. She has established a creative Life Brand that captures her passion and vision. Alison has the ability to extenuate her clients exterior beauty, while conveying their thoughts and emotions.

She’s a Life Brand we loved learning more about. Find out  about Alison and view her spectacular creations at AlisonCameronMakeup.