Vol. XXXIV Yarborough Jewelry

LIFE BRANDED….Elizabeth Yarborough

Vol.34 Yarborough Jewelry


Collection One….Tassels, Stones, & Feathers

Collection Two….Spools, Bows, Finger Food, Buttons

Collection Three….Yarborough Bangles

Collection Four….Chipped China Plates

We were inspired by Elizabeth’s vision. Isn’t funny how we all can be a part of the same environment, and yet see and have different experiences. Life is funny that way, however that’s the beauty of each of us. We all have a unique DNA, which helps us establish our Life Brand.

Come along with us today and read about the beautiful jewelry designer, Elizabeth Yarborough.

Former book editor Elizabeth Yarborough began designing jewelry in an effort to re-engage her hands and imagination. Originally from North Carolina, she studied literature & writing at Vassar College before moving to New York City in 2003. In the spring of 2006, she left the corporate book world for an arts & crafts spree in her East Village apartment, which evolved into her jewelry line, Yarborough. Within months, Yarborough Jewelry appeared in boutiques and publications around the world, and Women’s Wear Daily named Elizabeth one of “the industry’s most innovative up-and-coming costume jewelers.” Her four-year-old collection reflects a design philosophy steeped in curiosity, experimentation, color, and originality.

Inspired by everything from her grandmother’s sewing box to the trompe l’oeil designs of Elsa Schiaparelli, Elizabeth finds unexpected beauty in everyday objects – yarn, buttons, dinner plates, spools, and upholstery tassels, to name a few. With a sense of humor, and with an interest in deconstructing materials & stereotypes, she subverts traditional wardrobe and household staples and reintroduces them in surprising ways: translating a cable knit sweater into a bracelet, for example; feminizing a handsome leather button; showcasing spools of thread, colorful platters of food, and shards of porcelain as inherently beautiful ornaments.

In the summer of 2010, Elizabeth launched the Yarbie Bangle Boutique, featuring a year-round selection of the Yarborough Bangles. Handmade with fine novelty textiles, the bangles are now available in a full range of seasonal fibers, such as silk, cotton, and linen in summer, and warm wools in winter. View the selection at our full-service online bangle boutique, Yarbie, or in person at Yarbie’s first-ever brick & mortar shop on San Francisco’s historic Union Street.

How many times have you been inspired by the people, places, and things that surround you.  The ability to have discernment of the environment, inspires your creativity.  Elizabeth has a unique eye, and has allowed objects and nature to influence her beautiful line of jewelry.

Your environment should allow you to have purity, beauty and the ability to be yourself. When we meet with clients we take time to really get to know who they are and how they function in their own environment.  This is very important to the Life Branded process.  We would be delighted for you to be a part of the Life Branded movement. Establish your Life Brand today!

Photos: Yarborough Jewelry