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LIFE BRANDED….Eric Stoddard

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VOL. 31 ERIC Stoddard

Dream It. Design It. Build It.

Speed Studio Design is the work of Eric Stoddard, an industrial designer and creative thinker.

Specializing in design & styling of consumer products and transportation, Speed Studio Design is a small, flexible & dynamic design studio with extensive U.S. and Asia experience. His focus is to create the emotional bond between product and customer, communicate your brand's core values, and improve quality of life by reaching new levels of innovation, functionality and sustainability.


It starts with good communication, pen and paper. Sketching is the fastest, most effective way to articulate good design and identify market opportunities.

Examples of how he works:

Target Market:

Zoomla is designed to be a better alternative for those looking for quick, portable, around-town transportation. Foldable, portable, and fast, Zoomla is for getting around town quickly, easily, and with style.

Problem Solving:

With its single-pivot design, no other bike is as quick, intuitive, and easy to fold.  Its unique L-frame design is made possible by TorqSteer, eliminating the conventional steering tube. A cleverly integrated handle on the handlebar allows the Zoomla to be rolled like a dollie when it’s time to go inside or pack it away. Pedaling just got a lot more fun with Zoomla‘s Pedaldeck, which uses a compact, internal drive system instead of the conventional crank and pedals. No more greasy chains! Zoomla weighs in at a trim 5 kilos, making it easy to take with you on a trip to the grocery store or to class. Its small size allows it to be packed away in an average school locker. An optional, integrated backpack attaches just below the seat, making your around-town travel efficient and stylish.

Passionate about cycling, alternative transportation, design, fine art and classic cars. Eric is the recipient of the a Red Dot Award in the Transportation Category for his 2009 entry, for the Zoomla. He’s committed to educating design students and helping them reach their potential. Eric is inspired by Asian culture and living small with little impact on the environment.

Speed Studio Design offers:


Color options, form and depth of surface are brought to life during rendering. Rendering multiple views becomes the first stage to elicit excitement in your project.

3-D Modeling.

Preparing accurate model data is crucial for quality prototyping. 3-D visualization creates powerful, photorealistic presentations.


Your 3-D model can be used in a variety of rapid-prototyping mediums. His partners deliver your prototype quickly with great attention to detail.

Today we wanted to share the process of building a Life Brand. In most cases it takes a team. You have the vision and passion, and others assist you in bringing it to fruition. Like Eric Stoddard, who takes your ideas and passions to produce a product prototype, we are here to help you decide what the prototype should be. You decide whose on your team, and from there, your Life Brand is inspired. 

We love the creative mind. Life Branded enjoys being a part of your visionary process and self discovery. It is our desire for individuals dreams to be realized….L+B.

Photos: Speed Studio Design