Vol. XXXVI What’s Your Visual Brand?

Vol. Vol.36

LIFE BRANDED….Your Visual Brand

Your Life Brand is the Essence of Who You Are

There are so many ways to look at Business Cards. However, today Life Branded wants you to see what’s normally known as a business card, as an extension of who you are and what your Brand represents.

A Visual Brand should be an extension of your passion and purpose. So long for the days of the square that occupied your name, number, and address.  This is a chance to stand out and truly explain who you are and where your true passion and purpose lies. 

The V+B

Creativity is the key. It’s how the conversation is started, and how you’re remembered once you part ways.  Look at the above selection of Visual Brands. They all make a visual statement, tell a story, and peaks your interest. This is what knowing and establishing a Life Brand is all about. 

Life Branded works with individuals and companies who understand that a first impression is made within three to five seconds. If you know your Life Brand, you understand how to market your Brand. Your Visual Brand is merely establishing your Brand identity. 

As you can see design plays an essential role in creating and building a distinct Brand.  Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles, emotion, context, and essence that matters most to customers and your community.

Life Branded is here to help you embrace your brand and stand out.  Rather it is the hopes of getting your first job, climbing the corporate ladder, or building a business, there is a Brand behind it all….you. 

Who needs a Visual Brand….Everyone

Your Life Brand discovery is here.

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