Vol. XXXVII Bethenny Frankel


LIFE BRANDED….Bethenny Frankel

“For reality television star Bethenny Frankel, life is a product.”

Bethenny Frankel: Wife, Mother, Business Woman + Life Brand = Desire, Passion, & Purpose.

Normally, we bring you Life Brands that haven’t reached the mainstream market place. However, this Thanksgiving, we had a special gift given to us by one of our clients,  Skinnygirl Margarita.  We not only enjoyed it, saved calories, lost the gilt, but were in awe that a reality T.V. star product actually made to our office. Well as you know, knowledge is power.  We wanted to learn more about Bethenny and how this all came about. Just a few years ago we had no idea about Bethenny nor the Skinny girl Brand. However,  after further research, we’re glad we made the effort.

We’re aware of Bethenny Frankel from the Bravo Real Housewives New York, Franchise, but after receiving this beautiful new libation we wanted to learn more about, Bethenny and her Life Brand. We consider Bethenny a success story of how to your passion can turn into a Lifestyle, and not just a Lifestyle for her, but fulfilling a need for others.

We loved her Skinnygirl Margarita, so much so we attempted to purchase more to share with friends, to much surprise our local store informed us that they were out and they’re not able to keep it on the shelves.  The store owner also informed us they intended to have a special display for, “Skinnygirl Margarita”.  We’re elated for her and wish her much success.

Here’s more about Bethenny:

Currently filming two shows, preparing to publish her third book and putting the finishing touches on her lines of mixed drinks, skin-care products and shapewear, Ms. Frankel offers a glimpse of what it's like when no corner of your world is private and everything belongs to the brand.

After several years of living on-camera, first as an ambitious chef on NBC's "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," then as a single woman looking for love on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York," Ms. Frankel, 40, has found her recent transition to married life and motherhood good for business.

Since the birth of her 6-and-1/2-month-old daughter, Bryn, Ms. Frankel's collection of endorsement deals from blue-chip advertisers has been growing. Procter & Gamble Co. has hired her to help promote Pampers diapers, and she recently signed a promotional deal with British Airways. "I'm not stupid," Ms. Frankel says. "This is about the husband and the baby."

Reality TV strivers are everywhere, but Ms. Frankel hits an elusive sweet spot with corporate partners. "Our clients are very taken with her right now. Bethenny has entered into the mommy world and she hasn't posed for Playboy," says Amia French, a talent coordinator for Platinum Rye Entertainment, which helps corporations pair with celebrities.

"Motherhood has only increased her value with us," says Geri Allen, a spokeswoman for Campbell Soup Co.'s Pepperidge Farm unit, which has a promotional agreement with Ms. Frankel.

"When a celebrity has a baby, the brands jump on them," says Brian Dow, who is one of Ms. Frankel's three agents and runs the "branded lifestyle" department at APA Talent & Literary Agency.

Almost nothing is off limits for Ms. Frankel. Cameras were at the hospital with her husband when she delivered Bryn in May. They are there for sessions with her psychologist.

The image Ms. Frankel portrays on TV—a working mother whose job happens to be being famous—endears her to her fans. "It's about allowing people into my fishbowl in order to be successful," she says.

Back in September, Ms. Frankel said Bryn wasn't aware of the reality TV crew cramming into her tidy New York apartment. But last week in the apartment's professionally lit hair-and-makeup room, where she held little Bryn on her lap as her stylist helped her primp before her appointment with her shrink, Ms. Frankel wasn't so certain. She and her husband have noticed that Bryn sometimes points to the microphone boom.

"We don't love that," Ms. Frankel says, turning to her assistant's assistant for help getting dressed.

A 1992 graduate of New York University, Ms. Frankel tried for nearly a decade to make it as an actress in Los Angeles before coming back to New York to attend culinary school and start a healthy baked-goods business, bethennybakes. She went into debt and turned to reality TV. After trying twice to land a contestant spot on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," she snagged one on "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" in 2005, finishing as runner-up. Then Bravo asked her to join the "Real Housewives" cast.

Ms. Frankel says she had been mulling a larger-scale natural-foods business and saw "Real Housewives" as a promotional platform. A cast member from 2008 to 2010, she feuded all season with one cast mate and called another "a snake." She also introduced her idea for low-calorie margaritas on the show. Last year, she launched her Skinnygirl line of bottled margaritas, which are sold in liquor and mass-market stores. Ultimately, she emerged as the show's breakout star by voicing opinions of other characters that some viewers shared.

Bravo gave Ms. Frankel a stand-alone reality show, "Bethenny Getting Married?," which chronicled her pregnancy, engagement and marriage to Jason Hoppy. The show's June 2010 debut drew 2.4 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Co. (In contrast, the March 2008 premiere of "The Real Housewives of New York" drew an audience of 944,000.) The second season is set to air in February, with the title "Bethenny Ever After."

Ms. Frankel's willingness to appear without sheen at times heightens her popularity. Twelve days after giving birth, she appeared on the "Today" show, via Skype, with dark circles under her eyes and no discernible makeup. "I haven't bathed," she told co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.

What Ms. Frankel really wants is a talk show of her own. "I want to have a dialogue with my fans, and right now the only dialogue I can have is in 140-characters," she says, referring to her Twitter feed, which has more than 300,000 followers, some seeking low-fat pumpkin-pie recipes, others life approbation.

This week, Ms. Frankel added a fourth reality show to her résumé: "Skating with the Stars," which premiered on ABC on Monday night. Skating yanks her out of her comfort zone, Ms. Frankel says, and demonstrates to women that she is living what she writes about in her next book, coming in March: "A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life."

After Ms. Frankel's performance, the judges gave her the second-to-lowest score of the night, placing her between actress Sean Young and Disney Channel rapper Brandon Mychal Smith. But the night was its own triumph: After five years of climbing the reality-show hierarchy, the want-to-be apprentice was a star.


Great article! A true testament of what a well designed Life Brand can achieve.  It’s your desires, passion, and purpose leading you to one cohesive goal.  We salute Bethenny Frankel.

Photos Via: Bethenny Frankel, The Wall Street Journal Article Via: The Wall Street Jounal (Author/Written by: Katherine Rosman)