XXXIX What The Lavish Experience Taught Life Branded…


Dreaming Big, Becoming Brave

“It’s only when you make the process your goal that the big dream can follow” -Oprah

Image Is Everything…Building A Brand

First off, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I received is an overwhelming response.  Their was standing room only and we were so delighted.

We played “Name that Brand” which was a blast. We learned how we all represent our Brands daily, amongst our friends, family, business, and home; Consistency is everything.

Now to be honest, I had a crash course in Twitter this weekend. Twitter Deck…What’s that? Well I Know now. There was so much to be learned from: Interiors & The Internet: Unlocking The Secrets To Your Success In Your Blogging And Social Media Efforts with Cristi Holcombe, Capella Kincheloe, & Erika Ward. and even more

I met fabulous ladies who have multiple talents like Justice Fergie, who shared many of her upcoming ventures.  Wow, the creativity was over flowing.

There were so many Life Brands represented. Mrs. Preppy, at least that’s what I called her, Melissa C. Morris without a doubt understands how to relate her image to her Brand. Along with TheAtlantaGoToGirl Tiffini Gatlin, and Melanie Worthy Carter of Lucky and Lovely, who described herself as Brooklyn meets Las Angles, which was so dead on. We had so much fun identifying our Brands!

There were so many women that inspired me, and I don’t want to miss any so I would recommend traveling over to the Lavish Experience itinerary, where you can find links to all the fabulous speakers.

What I took away from the conference was priceless; New friends, great ideas, and a new direction for my own purpose.  I am so thankful for my journey. From the conference, Life Branded has new focus for 2011. I’m very excited about what’s to come.

To all the ladies I met, please stay in touch…

Remember…. “As long as we dare to dream and don’t get in the way of ourselves, anything is possible-there’s truly no end to where our dreams, can take us.” –Hiliary Swank

I dedicate this to a woman of vision, Shameeka AyersWho dared to be different, and provided a beautiful experience. Thank you.

“Be daring, be different, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers…” –Cecil Boston

-Andrea V. Smoak, Founder of Life Branded