Don Patron

Don Patron


Growing up as a child, Don Patron was always attracted to the controversial.  Interpreting current events through art was a common hobby for Don to do as a child. He recollects the time when he was skimming through the photos in a Time Magazine article on pollution. Charmingly, he painted what looked like scribbles on a piece of paper while he explained that it was representative of pollution. His untainted, child like views on the issue at hand was charmingly creative.  With the aspiration to become a lawyer when he was younger, it was natural for his creativity and drive to translate from the desire to become a lawyer to the artist he has become today.

As he was never formally trained in the arts, Don Patron did not think he and his pieces were ready to be introduced to the world. His different professions coincidentally seem to have a common thread in what he’s known for in his unique style of painting today. Current events! Always wanting to promote societal change, Don Patron followed this idea throughout his professions as an event planner, wanting to be a lawyer, to what he is today, an artist who makes art around social issues at hand.  Working at an event company in New York City as well as procuring other obscure professions with his attained business major, he still managed to craft his hobby of painting throughout the years. It wasn’t until a close friend of Don’s who was connected in the Washington, DC art scene inspired him to share his work and start taking it seriously.

A part of many people’s personalities are shaped around what personal preference of life they like to focus on. Some people like to dwell in the past, others in the future, and some in the present.  Don Patron is definitely an individual who immerses himself in “the here and now”.  After all, whatever is happening now obviously shapes what coming  next. This is the reason why Don feels a social obligation as an artist to create work that focuses on those things that are happening today? Don Patron has the innate ability to turn an issue into a tangible painting. He creates something that sparks different viewpoints on the situation at hand so people fully understand the consequences of their actions. Reminiscent to Andy Warhol, and the pop culture movement he created, it was based on the social changes happening in his day. He exposed the dehumanization and decreasing quality of life as industrialization and consumerism when it was at an all time high.  Through the repetition of mass production and reproducing what was considered important via basic images, to the point where it was losing that unique “one of a kind” factor, was Warhol’s blunt interpretation on the destruction of quality of human life.

After interviewing with Don Patron, Life Branded concluded that sometimes in life you could be inspired by different things.  Those milestones in life that make you want to make a difference in your own life and in others. It could be reflected in the loss of a friend or someone who looks at you and values your work and feels like you should share it with the world. Don Patron has created a life brand around his art based on the here and now. His societal obligation to showcase the now. His most current works have been directly inspired around those controversial issues that surround him, making him a well known figure in the DC art scene today.

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