Twenty Thirty Forty

Twenty Thirty Forty

“We wanted to create something that resembled us. We are middle-aged, Midwestern women who appreciate style and fashion and want our lives to be aesthetically pleasing.”

These are similar cliché sayings people say when they fall in love, they also seem to be true for this dynamic duo’s business relationship. “When Arlene and I first met, I immediately knew that I had found a kindred spirit.” Arlene and Brandon’s immediate connection and love of fashion brought these two together to create what we now know today as: Twenty Thirty Forty. The yin to each other's yang, Arlene’s Zen persona balances out Brandon’s quirky and unabashed views, harmoniously translating into the personality of each individual garment they sell. The duo met while working retail at Louis Vuitton, a job they both took after their many flops in their journey of employment. The universe challenged Arlene in her passage of venturing the fashion industry, and Brandon’s unlucky journey of bulldozing through everything from entertainment to fashion led them both to the right place, at the right time. Subsequently, it could be seen that this consistent underlying love of fashion was what drove them both through their various professional adjuncts. Luckily, their so called “failures” were the necessary stepping stones that got them to where they are today. As Arlene would say, “You know what they say, third time is a charm!” And what a charm Twenty Thirty Forty has become!

Our mantra, when it comes to style, is “wear what you love and love what you wear,” and we wanted that to be our guiding theme.”

“Sitting at a café in Paris, the actual idea for was born.”

Arlene and Brandon wanted to create something that catered to the ignored market of professional and stylish middle aged women. They strategized segways to specifically cater to this neglected niche of women in their thirties and forties, who were constantly struggling to incorporate their love of high fashion into age appropriate outfits they could translate into their outfits for the workplace, and for every day.

“No one is targeting the middle-aged woman – a woman with a career and a family and a multitude of responsibilities. She wants to be stylish, too, but doesn’t necessarily feel age-appropriate in a short, tight Alexander Wang dress and 4” stilettos.”

“There is a huge void in the marketplace for women in their 30’s & 40’s. These women are busy with their careers & family. We feel the industry completely forgets about these women and we have really no one to look towards (The Real housewives??!! NO!!!) That’s where comes in. We cater to a slightly older customer, we build a wardrobe for her & show her the many ways to style the pieces she loves.”

Arlene and Brandon created just what the doctor ordered. Twenty Thirty Forty was a great way for them to not only act as personal stylists, but systematically created an actual market place for these women to purchase these suggested items. The origin of their name sake, Twenty Thirty Forty comes from this mentality as well. Brandon explains, “We needed something that incorporated the energy of our 20s, the experience of our 30s, and the wisdom and confidence of our 40s… And that was it!” Their website naturally appears to show that mentality and lifestyle. Being able to successfully and effortlessly execute a certain lifestyle through a brand is not at all an easy feat as our dynamic duo will tell you. How did these ladies pull this off? We at Life Branded envision two fashionistas working countless hours in their couture without breaking a sweat or a nail! But they will tell you that it was not a smooth path, as they advise Life Branded readers their main focal point in branding themselves.

Brandon explains:

“We spent a lot of energy to ensure that everything we put out there is consistent with our brand. If you don’t know what your brand is, figure it out before you take one more step. Everything you do should be branded consistently so that all the attention you receive is focused on your overall message”

While Arlene so elegantly puts it in her Zen attitude:

“Live your brand”

We at Life Branded asked Twenty Thirty Forty the future of their brand and what we could look forward to from them. VIDEO BLOGGING!!!

“We’re working on a few things to be unveiled in 2011, including a video segment of the site as well as a podcast. We want to expand the portion of our business that is a “fashion website” and increase our presence as stylists.”

We look forward to Twenty Thirty Forty’s video blogs on their fashion picks for this coming Spring Summer 2011!

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