Craving a good burger, but worried about the hormones in the meat and the inhumane treatment of the cows? Well no need to worry, go grab a delicious burger from Farm Burger!

“Farm Burger is defined by its mission, its farms, its team, and its community. We depend on local farmers, ranchers and land stewards to make your burger as good as it is. From our beef to our tomatoes to our compostable containers to our owners, Farm Burger is sustainable, local, humane, and helping to reroute our food system to function more like an ecosystem than a corporation. Our goal is to connect soil, animal, plant, rancher, butcher, chef & you…all in a simple wire basket.”


“Local grassfed burger restaurant Farm Burger to open in Decatur in Spring 2010

Decatur, Georgia (February 26, 2010) – Farm Burger, a 100% grassfed and locally-sourced burger restaurant, is set to open in early spring 2010 at 410b W. Ponce de Leon in Decatur. Farm Burger will capture everything familiar, comforting and delicious about the burger, while introducing metro Atlanta to an ethical and economical version of America’s favorite sandwich.  The partnership behind the restaurant is a collaboration between Jason Mann and George Frangos. Mann is a partner of the restaurant Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia and director of its two farm operations, Full Moon Farms & Moonshine Meats. Frangos is a restaurateur formerly of Concentrics Restaurants of Atlanta, Savoy and Blue Ribbon Bakery of New York, and Restaurant Nora of Washington, D.C.

Farm Burger will be a reformation and celebration of the iconic “burger joint.” Burgers will be made from 100% grassfed beef from cows raised on southeastern pastureland. Sourced from the same farms that supply the Athens restaurant Farm 255, beef will be from cows that are never fed hormones, antibiotics, or grain, and will be dry-aged and ground fresh on-site. To compliment traditional burger and fry offerings, Farm Burger will serve a large selection of house-made accompaniments including pickles, dips, preserves, local farmstead cheeses, and house-cured bacon and charcuterie from its own pigs. In addition to beef, Farm Burger will offer innovative burgers made from pasture-raised heritage breed turkey, chicken, pork, and lamb, seasonal Georgia & Louisiana Gulf seafood, as well as a house-made veggie burger. Farm Burger’s auxiliary menu will be a dynamic expression of seasonality and culinary whimsy, featuring house-cut potato fries as well as seasonal fried vegetable options such as okra and sweet potatoes. Salads will be sourced primarily from nearby farms as well. Beverages will include iconic options with a sustainable twist, such as local organic milkshakes and root beer floats. Farm Burger will serve beer and wine with selections that are in alignment with the philosophy of its food, featuring local greats such as Terrapin Brewery. Menu options will be priced affordably, and burgers will start at just $6. Although Farm Burger will have a walk-up counter ordering system, food will be delivered to tables, eschewing a fast food feel.

Farm Burger’s design will be relaxed and simple with a clean, modern yet rural aesthetic. Architecture and building design will employ green and sustainable practices, including local, reclaimed building materials in construction and design. The restaurant will strive to be an industry leader in wise energy use and waste management. Farm Burger will have a robust to-go business, and all to-go items will be served in biodegradable, compostable packaging. Vegetable waste will be returned to the farms and composted in Full Moon’s fields or fed straight to Moonshine’s pigs. Fryer oil will be recycled into bio-diesel fuel for cars. Farm Burger will strive to eventually be a “zero-waste” facility.

Farm Burger is a unique collective of farmers, chefs, butchers, and restaurateurs working together to redefine our country’s burger tradition. Partner & General Manager George Frangos has a deep history in management and operations of notable, distinguished establishments. Prior to Farm Burger he was part of the Concentrics Restaurants management team, including acting as Director of Operations of both Room and Lobby restaurants of the TWELVE hotels, as well as opening GM of TROIS. He has also served as Operations Consultant for Farm 255 for the past year. Before moving his family to Atlanta, Frangos was the owner/operator of acclaimed destination restaurant Victory 96 State Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His passion for sustainability and seasonality comes from years spent as Manager of Peter Hoffman’s Savoy of New York and Nora Pouillon’s Restaurant Nora of Washington, D.C., both award-winning national landmarks of local and organic eating. In addition to Savoy his New York days included three years as Restaurant Manager of Eric and Bruce Bromberg’s Blue Ribbon Bakery. “Farm Burger is a step forward and backwards at the same time, back to the way food has always been grown and valued," says Frangos of the restaurant's philosophy. "Our burger joint will take what is now sometimes considered elitist and expensive - organic, local, grassfed - and make it simple and economical, and a reflection of its community."

Partner & Farmer Jason Mann is a co-owner of Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia, the vanguard farm/restaurant operation that has continuously expanded the definition of “farm-to-table” eating for the last 4 years. Farm 255 has become one of the most successful alternative models of how local food production can marry with the priorities of the food and beverage industry. Mann owns and operates the farms that produce all of Farm 255’s meat and 50% of its vegetables. In addition to operating Full Moon Farms, the vegetable row crop side of the operation, Mann has launched Moonshine Meats, an innovative and highly diversified meat production enterprise, which will supply Farm Burger Decatur with its premium grassfed beef. Mann’s goal is to build dynamic local markets that connect consumers with the source of their meat in an effort to create a more sustainable and just agriculture system in the state of Georgia and beyond. “The grassfed burger can and will be a powerful and delicious agent for social change in our time,” says Mann.

Chef Terry Koval is returning to his roots of sustainable cuisine with his position at Farm Burger. Koval most recently served as Executive Chef of Room at TWELVE, awarded a 3-star review fromThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution under his tenure. He served as the Executive Sous Chef under Gary Mennie at Canoe in Vinings for three years before joining Concentrics Restaurants as the Sous Chef of Lobby at TWELVE in 2005. Koval began his restaurant career at the age of fifteen, and his lack of formal training and ambitious culinary approach fit perfectly with Farm 255’s history of renegade risk-taking.

Farm Burger will provide a coveted model for the new era of conscientious eating across the country and hopes to expand to other cities immediately. Farm Burger’s progress can be followed via its newsletter and blog at www.farmburger.net.


Farm Burger is yet another delicious Life Brand, sharing their passion and purpose with their local community. Satisfying one hungry, yet health conscious, burger eater at a time; go try Farm Burger for yourself :)

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