Vol. XLVI Who said it was just Polished?


Not Atlanta Brand Polished….

When we told we searched high, low and around for great Brands in Atlanta, we weren’t kidding.  We found cute spots, unique visions, and everything in between.

Meet Polished who now has a sister Pampered.

Trendy and chic Smyrna day spa offering manicures and pedicures, facials, spa parties and more. Highly acclaimed Polished Beauty Lounge in Smyrna now has a sister spa! 

Pampered, Atlanta's newest and MOST eco-conscious nail and body spa, is an amazing haven of escape close to downtown Atlanta, where you can relax and indulge yourself. Spa owners Yolanda Owens and Selam Welde are commited to using only natural and organic products - including nail polishes, hair products, body soaks, essential oils, lotions, and scrubs.  They apply (and offer for sale) well-loved and 'O' Magazine recognized IWI FRESH products which are the brainchild of co-owner Yolanda Owens. All products and treatments used at Pampered are free of formaldehyde, toluene, doubly phthalate, synthetic dyes, and petroleum.  Their tip top priorities are avoiding toxic products, being environmentally responsible, sanitary, and safe, and last, but not least, serving to your satisfaction.  With health and wellness as their guiding principle, they have created a truly urban sanctuary dedicated to pampering you while protecting Mother Nature. Pampered's fresh and relaxing environment is free of irritating smells and boasts a chic décor of fresh water falls and bamboo plants.

Their Philosophy:

Our eco-friendly spa is a wonderful place to relax and indulge yourself with services for everyone. We use natural/ organic products soak, essential oils, lotion, and scrubs used during services are sourced/partnered through iwi fresh. All products and treatments used at pampered are free of formaldehyde, toluene, doubly phthalate, synthetic dyes, and petroleum.  Our tip top priorities and concerns are non-toxic products, environmental responsibility, safety, sanitation, and last but not least your satisfaction.  Our health and your health/wellness is our number one priority, therefore  We have created a truly urban sanctuary dedicated to pamper you and Mother Nature.


Iwi fresh are natural and organic products made with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. No chemicals, preservatives, parabens and No petroleum. The containers are recyclable glass and they avoid plastics.  Pampered has a strong Community Involvement working with local non-profits, including: Coolgirls, Georgia Organics, Fugees Family, Hands On Atlanta, Keep Georgia Beautiful, Trees of Atlanta, Kates Club, Atlanta Humane Society, and Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Aside from a inner desire to be stewardly for the environment, co-owner Yolanda Ownes is especially passionate about her natural product line Iwi Fresh. She developed these products as a result of wanting to find a way to give facials for ultra sensitive skin without irritation.

When to Go
Mark your calendar for Martini Thursdays from 1pm-8pm. They make the perfect after work getaway for you and all your girlfriends. Stop in, get your nails done and gossip with friends over the rim of your complimentary cocktail.

They Offer:

Seasonal Facial made with fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. (Deep cleanser, fresh vegetable mask, aromatherapy steam, moisturizer and toner).
Seasonal Mani & Pedimade with fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. (Natural, non-toxin nail polishes, naural/organic and Mani/pedi features essential oil to soften the skin, cleanse, and exfoliate with honey sugar scrub. Then, a warm steam towel wrap following by a shea butter moisturizing massage. Finish with non toxic polish or buff. Aromatherapy lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus foot soaks. No acetones or acrylics will be applied.)

In life it’s all about a great experiences. How people relate to your Brand and how they interact creates memories. When considering building a great Brand remember that “A great idea, is only as great, as a great experience.”

Learn how to create a great experience at the Brandinar Atlanta!

Photos: Polished Article via: My Daily Thread Atlanta